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112 Stones12 Stones (Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
23 Doors Down3 Doors Down (Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Hard rock, Southern rock, Alternative metal)
3Alice in ChainsAlice in Chains (Alternative metal, Grunge, Alternative rock, Heavy metal)3
4AnoukAnouk (Adult contemporary, Alternative rock, Pop rock, Post-grunge, R&B, Soul)
5Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne (Rock pop, Rock, Post-grunge, Teen pop)44
6Biffy ClyroBiffy Clyro (Alternative rock, Grunge, Experimental rock, Power pop)
7Big WreckBig Wreck (Hard rock, Heavy metal, Neo-progressive rock, Post-grunge, Progressive rock)
8Blue OctoberBlue October (Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Experimental rock, Art rock)
9BobaflexBobaflex (Post-grunge, Nu metal)
10Breaking BenjaminBreaking Benjamin (Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Ppost-grunge)10
11BushBush (Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Grunge)
12Butch WalkerButch Walker (Glam metal, Pop punk, Post-grunge, Rock, Pop rock, Hard rock)2
13CandleboxCandlebox (Post-grunge, Grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock)
14ChevelleChevelle (Post-grunge, Alternative metal, Hard rock)
15Chris CornellChris Cornell (Alternative metal, Grunge, Slternative rock, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Psychedelic rock)
16CKYCKY (Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Experimental rock, Heavy metal, Skate punk)
17Cloud NothingsCloud Nothings (Indie rock, Power pop, Noise rock, Neo-grunge, Post-hardcore)4
18Collective SoulCollective Soul (Alternative rock, Hard rock, Post-grunge)
19Courtney LoveCourtney Love (Alternative rock, Punk rock, Grunge, Post-grunge, Power pop)
20CreedCreed (Hard rock, Post-grunge)2
21DaughtryDaughtry (Rock, Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Hard rock, Pop rock)
22David CookDavid Cook (Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
23Eagle-Eye CherryEagle-Eye Cherry (Rock, Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Acoustic)
24FilterFilter (Industrial metal, Alternative metal, Industrial rock, Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
25FlyleafFlyleaf (Alternative metal, Hard rock, Post-grunge)2
26Foo FightersFoo Fighters (Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Hard rock)12
27Framing HanleyFraming Hanley (Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock)3
28GodsmackGodsmack (Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Post-grunge)
29Guano ApesGuano Apes (Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Punk rock, Pop rock, Post-grunge, Nu metal)
30HalestormHalestorm (Hard rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Heavy metal)4
31HoleHole (Alternative rock, Noise rock, Punk rock, Grunge, Power pop)
32HoobastankHoobastank (Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
33James DurbinJames Durbin (Rock, Hard rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge)3
34JanusJanus (Alternative metal, Hard rock, Post-grunge)2
35Krist NovoselicKrist Novoselic (Alternative rock, Grunge, Punk rock)
36LifehouseLifehouse (Alternative rock, Pop rock, Post-grunge)
37Nick JonasNick Jonas (Pop rock, Pop, Teen pop, Post-grunge, Funk rock, R&B)89
38NickelbackNickelback (Post-grunge, Hard rock)23
39NirvanaNirvana (Alternative rock, Grunge)27
40PawPaw (Hard rock, Grunge)
41Pearl JamPearl Jam (Alternative rock, Grunge, Hard rock)
42Pop EvilPop Evil (Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative metal, Alternative rock)
43Puddle of MuddPuddle of Mudd (Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Grunge (early))
44Rev TheoryRev Theory (Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Post-grunge)
45Rob ThomasRob Thomas (Alternative rock, Post-grunge, Pop rock, Adult contemporary)
46SalivaSaliva (Hard rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Nu metal, Alternative rock)
47SeetherSeether (Post-grunge, Alternative metal)3
48ShinedownShinedown (Hard rock, Post-grunge, Alternative metal)10
49SilverchairSilverchair (Alternative rock, Post-grunge)
50SkilletSkillet (Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Hard rock, Christian rock, Symphonic rock)5
51Skin YardSkin Yard (Alternative rock, Grunge)
52SoilSoil (Alternative metal, Hard rock, Post-grunge, Nu metal)
53StaindStaind (Hard rock, Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Nu metal, Post-grunge)3
54Stone Temple PilotsStone Temple Pilots (Alternative rock, Hard rock, Grunge, Neo-psychedelia)9
55SwitchfootSwitchfoot (Alternative rock, Hard rock, Power pop, Post-grunge, Christian rock, Emo rock)
56The CallingThe Calling (Post-grunge, Alternative rock)3
57The HissThe Hiss (Art rock, Indie rock, Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Hard rock, Grunge, Post-Rock, Alternative rock)
58Theory of a DeadmanTheory of a Deadman (Hard rock, Post-grunge, Aternative rock)3
59Therapy?Therapy? (Alternative metal, Alternative rock, Crossover thrash, Punk rock, Grunge, Heavy metal, Noise rock)
60Three Days GraceThree Days Grace (Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Alternative Metal, Nu metal)
61TraptTrapt (Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Hard rock, Alternative rock, Nu metal)

Nick Jonas - top artists list [#55]

Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry 'Nick' Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, musician and actor.


  • Pop rock,
  • Pop,
  • Teen pop,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Funk rock,
  • R&B
  • Close (ft. Tove Lo) - one of the best Nick Jonas songs, top songs list [#68]

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