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Editions of the album Divine Providence by Deer Tick


Divine Providence [Partisan Records]

Artist: Deer Tick

Deer Tick: Divine Providence
Release date: 2011-10-24
Label: Partisan Records

Album Divine Providence by Deer Tick

Track listing:
1. The Bump2. Funny Word3. Let's All Go To The Bar4. Clownin Around5. Main Street6. Chevy Express7. Something to Brag About8. Walkin Out The Door9. Make Believe10. Now It's Your Turn11. Electric12. Miss K.
Number of Disks: 1
Condition: New
Price: $10.98
Ladies and gentlemen…

From the band that's been both accurately and inaccurately labeled just about everything this side of Top 40 comes a true-to-form rock-n-roll record. Scratch that, true-to-form is not Deer Tick's style. Let's start over…

Naturally, after so many years of critics praising (and making fun of) them for their "folk" and "country" sounds and hardly ever mentioning the fact that they've also recorded virtually dozens of other kinds of music, the band wanted to make a record that was truer to their live set (which has gained some notoriety): raw, loud, heartfelt, and completely uninterested in whatever the hell the rest of the music industry is up to.

To produce this record. the band recruited the team of Adam Landry and Justin Collins, who produced the debut album of McCauley's side-project Middle Brother. The results are unlike anything you've heard on a Deer Tick album, yet Deer Tick achieves something that is more raw, real, and raucous than anything they have released to date.

Deer Tick - top artists list [#567]

Deer Tick

Deer Tick is an American indie folk band from Providence, Rhode Island led by guitarist and singer-songwriter John McCauley.

Deer Tick's music has been described as a combination of folk, blues, and country.

Deer Tick originated as a John McCauley solo project in December 2004. []


  • Alternative country,
  • Indie rock,
  • Indie folk
  • Main Street - one of the best Deer Tick songs, top songs list [#1311]

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