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Everybody by Logic [2017] [album editions]

Everybody (Logic)

Track listing

3Confess (ft. Killer Mike)
4Killing Spree (ft. Ansel Elgort)
5Take It Back
6America (ft. Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo & NO I.D.)
7Ink Blot (ft. Juicy J)
8Mos Definitely
9Waiting Room
101-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid)
11Anziety (ft. Lucy Rose)
12Black SpiderMan (ft. Damian Lemar Hudson)
13AfricAryaN (ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Logic albums

1Everybody[ 2017 ]
2The Incredible True Story[ 2015 ]
3Under Pressure[ 2014 ]
1Everybody (Logic)
2The Incredible True Story (Logic)
3Under Pressure (Logic)

Logic songs

11-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid) [from the "Everybody"]04:10
2AfricAryaN (ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson) [from the "Everybody"]12:08
3Alright (ft. Big Sean) [from the "Under Pressure"]03:38
4America (ft. Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo & NO I.D.) [from the "Everybody"]05:31
5Anziety (ft. Lucy Rose) [from the "Everybody"]06:52
6Babel (Scene) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]01:11
7Black SpiderMan (ft. Damian Lemar Hudson) [from the "Everybody"]05:31
8Bounce [from the "Under Pressure"]04:04
9Buried Alive [from the "Under Pressure"]05:37
10City Of Stars [from the "The Incredible True Story"]06:16
11Confess (ft. Killer Mike) [from the "Everybody"]05:43
12Contact [from the "The Incredible True Story"]02:43
13Driving Ms Daisy (ft. Childish Gambino) [from the "Under Pressure"]04:00
14Everybody [from the "Everybody"]02:42
15Fade Away [from the "The Incredible True Story"]04:47
16Gang Related [from the "Under Pressure"]02:47
17Growing Pains III [from the "Under Pressure"]04:06
18Hallelujah [from the "Everybody"]07:28
19I Am The Greatest [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:23
20I'm Gone [from the "Under Pressure"]04:42
21Ink Blot (ft. Juicy J) [from the "Everybody"]02:36
22Innermission (ft. Lucy Rose) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]04:00
23Intro [from the "Under Pressure"]03:02
24Killing Spree (ft. Ansel Elgort) [from the "Everybody"]03:26
25Like Woah [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:52
26Lord Willin' [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:28
27Lucidity (Scene) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]00:55
28Metropolis [from the "Under Pressure"]04:55
29Mos Definitely [from the "Everybody"]03:26
30Never Been [from the "The Incredible True Story"]04:07
31Nikki [from the "Under Pressure"]03:23
32Now [from the "Under Pressure"]03:33
33Paradise (ft. Jesse Boykins III) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]04:42
34Run It [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:20
35Soul Food [from the "Under Pressure"]04:52
36Stainless (ft. Dria) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:19
37Take It Back [from the "Everybody"]06:40
38The Cube (Scene) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]00:27
39The Incredible True Story [from the "The Incredible True Story"]06:56
40Till the End [from the "Under Pressure"]05:14
41Upgrade [from the "The Incredible True Story"]02:53
42Waiting Room [from the "Everybody"]04:43
43White People (Scene) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]01:39
44Young Jesus (ft. Big Lenbo) [from the "The Incredible True Story"]03:31

Logic - top artists list [#32]

Sir Robert Bryson "Bobby" Hall II[a], known by his stage name Logic, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter.


  • Hip hop
  • 1-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid) - one of the best Logic songs, top songs list [#19]

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