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War & Leisure by Miguel [2017] [album editions]

War & Leisure (Miguel)

Track listing

1Criminal (ft. Rick Ross)
2Pineapple Skies
3Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott)
4Banana Clip
5Wolf (ft. QuiƱ)
7Told You So
8City of Angels
9Caramelo Duro (ft. Kali Uchis)
10Come Through and Chill (ft. J. Cole and Salaam Remi)

Miguel albums

1All I Want Is You[ 2010 ]
2Kaleidoscope Dream[ 2012 ]
3War & Leisure[ 2017 ]
4Wildheart[ 2015 ]
1All I Want Is You (Miguel)
2Kaleidoscope Dream (Miguel)
3War & Leisure (Miguel)
4Wildheart (Miguel)

Miguel songs

1...Goingtohell [from the "Wildheart"]04:04
2A Beautiful Exit [from the "Wildheart"]03:04
3Adorn [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:13
4All I Want Is You (Feat. J. Cole) [from the "All I Want Is You"]04:55
5Anointed [from the "War & Leisure"]03:53
6Arch & Point [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]02:56
7Banana Clip [from the "War & Leisure"]03:21
8Candles In The Sun [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:56
9Caramelo Duro (ft. Kali Uchis) [from the "War & Leisure"]03:33
10City of Angels [from the "War & Leisure"]04:18
11Coffee [from the "Wildheart"]04:46
12Come Through and Chill (ft. J. Cole and Salaam Remi) [from the "War & Leisure"]05:22
13Criminal (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "War & Leisure"]04:34
14Deal [from the "Wildheart"]04:18
15Destinado a Morir (Enter.lewd) [from the "Wildheart"]01:20
16Do You... [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:28
17Don't Look Back [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:25
18Face the Sun (ft. Lenny Kravitz) [from the "Wildheart"]04:32
19Flesh [from the "Wildheart"]04:29
20Girl With The Tattoo Enterlewd [from the "All I Want Is You"]01:42
21Girls Like You [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:23
22Hard Way [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:49
23Harem [from the "War & Leisure"]03:13
24Hero [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:48
25Hollywood Dreams [from the "Wildheart"]03:16
26How Many Drinks [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:33
27Kaleidoscope Dream [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:17
28Leaves [from the "Wildheart"]03:22
29My Piece [from the "All I Want Is You"]02:56
30Now [from the "War & Leisure"]04:09
31NWA (ft. Kurupt) [from the "Wildheart"]03:34
32Overload Enterlewd [from the "All I Want Is You"]00:31
33Pay Me [from the "All I Want Is You"]02:57
34Pineapple Skies [from the "War & Leisure"]04:41
35Pussy Is Mine [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:13
36Quickie [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:46
37Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) [from the "War & Leisure"]04:19
38Sure Thing [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:15
39Teach Me [from the "All I Want Is You"]05:22
40The Thrill [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:03
41The Valley [from the "Wildheart"]03:05
42To The Moon [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:23
43Told You So [from the "War & Leisure"]03:10
44Use Me [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]04:38
45Vixen [from the "All I Want Is You"]03:01
46Waves [from the "Wildheart"]03:22
47What's Normal Anyway [from the "Wildheart"]03:13
48Where's The Fun In Forever (ft. Alicia Keys) [from the "Kaleidoscope Dream"]03:29
49Wolf (ft. QuiƱ) [from the "War & Leisure"]03:29

Miguel - top artists list [#50]

Miguel Jontel Pimentel (Miguel) is an American recording artist and songwriter. []


  • R&B,
  • Funk,
  • Hip hop,
  • Rock,
  • Electronic
  • Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) - one of the best Miguel songs, top songs list [#20]

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