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Evolve by Imagine Dragons [2017] [album editions]

Evolve (Imagine Dragons)

Track listing

1I Don't Know Why
2Whatever It Takes
4Walking The Wire
5Rise Up
6I'll Make It Up To You
8Mouth Of The River
10Start Over
11Dancing In The Dark
13Not Today
14Believer (Kaskade Remix)

Imagine Dragons albums

1Continued Silence[ 2012 ]
2Evolve[ 2017 ]
3Hell and Silence[ 2010 ]
4Imagine Dragons[ 2009 ]
5Night Visions[ 2012 ]
6Smoke + Mirrors[ 2015 ]
1Continued Silence (Imagine Dragons)
2Evolve (Imagine Dragons)
3Hell and Silence (Imagine Dragons)
4Imagine Dragons (Imagine Dragons)
5Night Visions (Imagine Dragons)
6Smoke + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons)

Imagine Dragons songs

1All Eyes [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:05
2Amsterdam [from the "Night Visions"]04:01
3Battle Cry [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:34
4Believer [from the "Evolve"]03:24
5Believer (Kaskade Remix) [from the "Evolve"]03:10
6Bleeding Out [from the "Night Visions"]03:43
7Cover Up [from the "Imagine Dragons"]04:18
8Curse [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:40
9Dancing In The Dark [from the "Evolve"]03:55
10Demons [from the "Continued Silence"]02:55
11Demons [from the "Night Visions"]02:57
12Dreams [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:19
13Drive [from the "Imagine Dragons"]04:31
14Emma [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:36
15Every Night [from the "Night Visions"]03:37
16Friction [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:21
17Gold [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:36
18Hear Me [from the "Hell and Silence"]04:02
19Hear Me [from the "Night Visions"]03:55
20Hopeless Opus [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:01
21I Bet My Life [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:14
22I Don't Know Why [from the "Evolve"]03:10
23I Don't Mind [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:20
24I Need a Minute [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:30
25I'll Make It Up To You [from the "Evolve"]04:22
26I'm So Sorry [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:50
27It Comes Back To You [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:37
28It's Time [from the "Continued Silence"]03:58
29It's Time [from the "Night Visions"]04:00
30Levitate [from the "Evolve"]03:18
31Monster [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:10
32Mouth Of The River [from the "Evolve"]03:41
33My Fault [from the "Continued Silence"]02:55
34Not Today [from the "Evolve"]04:20
35Nothing Left To Say [from the "Night Visions"]08:56
36On Top of the World [from the "Continued Silence"]03:10
37On Top Of The World [from the "Night Visions"]03:12
38Polaroid [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:51
39Radioactive [from the "Continued Silence"]03:08
40Radioactive [from the "Night Visions"]03:06
41Release [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]02:29
42Rise Up [from the "Evolve"]03:51
43Round and Round [from the "Continued Silence"]03:16
44Second Chances [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:37
45Selene [from the "Hell and Silence"]04:05
46Shots [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:52
47Smoke And Mirrors [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:20
48Start Over [from the "Evolve"]03:06
49Summer [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:38
50The Fall [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]06:02
51The Unknown [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:24
52Thief [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:47
53Thunder [from the "Evolve"]03:07
54Tiptoe [from the "Night Visions"]03:14
55Trouble [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:12
56Underdog [from the "Night Visions"]03:29
57Uptight [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:47
58Walking The Wire [from the "Evolve"]03:52
59Warriors [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]02:51
60Whatever It Takes [from the "Evolve"]03:21

Imagine Dragons - top artists list [#6]

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They formed in 2008. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Electropop
  • Thunder - one of the best Imagine Dragons songs, top songs list [#3]

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