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7/27 by Fifth Harmony [2016] [album editions]

7/27 (Fifth Harmony)

Track listing

1That's My Girl
2Work From Home (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
3The Life
4Write On Me
5I Lied
6All In My Head (Flex) (ft. Fetty Wap)
8Gonna Get Better
9Scared Of Happy
10Not That Kinda Girl (ft. Missy Elliott)
11Dope (Bonus Track)
12No Way (Bonus Track)
13Big Bad Wolf (Bonus Track)
141000 Hands (Bonus Track)

Fifth Harmony albums

17/27[ 2016 ]
2Better Together[ 2013 ]
3Reflection[ 2015 ]
17/27 (Fifth Harmony)
2Better Together (Fifth Harmony)
3Reflection (Fifth Harmony)

Fifth Harmony songs

11000 Hands (Bonus Track) [from the "7/27"]03:20
2All In My Head (Flex) (ft. Fetty Wap) [from the "7/27"]03:30
3Better Together [from the "Better Together"]03:14
4Big Bad Wolf (Bonus Track) [from the "7/27"]03:19
5BO$$ [from the "Reflection"]02:51
6Body Rock [from the "Reflection"]04:03
7Brave Honest Beautiful (ft. Meghan Trainor) [from the "Reflection"]03:28
8Don't Wanna Dance Alone [from the "Better Together"]03:48
9Dope (Bonus Track) [from the "7/27"]03:32
10Everlasting Love [from the "Reflection"]03:04
11Going Nowhere [from the "Reflection"]03:34
12Gonna Get Better [from the "7/27"]03:36
13I Lied [from the "7/27"]03:23
14Leave My Heart Out of This [from the "Better Together"]03:53
15Like Mariah (ft. Tyga) [from the "Reflection"]03:28
16Me and My Girls [from the "Better Together"]03:24
17Miss Movin' On [from the "Better Together"]03:14
18No Way (Bonus Track) [from the "7/27"]02:57
19Not That Kinda Girl (ft. Missy Elliott) [from the "7/27"]03:11
20Reflection [from the "Reflection"]03:08
21Scared Of Happy [from the "7/27"]03:23
22Sledgehammer [from the "Reflection"]03:50
23Squeeze [from the "7/27"]03:33
24Suga Mama [from the "Reflection"]03:39
25That's My Girl [from the "7/27"]03:24
26The Life [from the "7/27"]03:23
27Them Girls Be Like [from the "Reflection"]02:42
28This is How We Roll [from the "Reflection"]04:32
29Top Down [from the "Reflection"]03:40
30We Know [from the "Reflection"]02:57
31Who Are You [from the "Better Together"]03:55
32Work From Home (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "7/27"]03:34
33Worth It (ft. Kid Ink) [from the "Reflection"]03:44
34Write On Me [from the "7/27"]03:39

Fifth Harmony - top artists list [#35]

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is an American girl group formed on the second season of The X Factor. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance
  • That's My Girl - one of the best Fifth Harmony songs, top songs list [#95]

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