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Lemonade by Beyonce [2016] [album editions]

Lemonade (Beyonce)

Track listing

1Pray You Catch Me
2Hold Up
3Don't Hurt Yourself (ft. Jack White)
56 Inch (ft. The Weeknd)
6Daddy Lessons
7Love Drought
9Forward (ft. James Blake)
10Freedom (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
11All Night

Beyonce albums

14[ 2011 ]
2B'Day[ 2007 ]
3Beyonce[ 2013 ]
4Dangerously in Love[ 2003 ]
5Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2015 ]
6I Am... Sasha Fierce[ 2009 ]
7Lemonade[ 2016 ]
8Live On Wembley[ 2004 ]
9Naughty Girl (Single)[ 2004 ]
10Sweet Dreams (Remixes)[ 2009 ]
11The Beyonce Experience Live[ 2007 ]
14 (Beyonce)
2B'Day (Beyonce)
3Beyonce (Beyonce)
4Dangerously in Love (Beyonce)
5Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
6I Am... Sasha Fierce (Beyonce)
7Lemonade (Beyonce)
8Live On Wembley (Beyonce)
9Naughty Girl (Single) (Beyonce)
10Sweet Dreams (Remixes) (Beyonce)
11The Beyonce Experience Live (Beyonce)

Beyonce songs

61Heaven [from the "Beyonce"]03:51
62Hello [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]04:15
63Hip Hop Star [from the "Dangerously in Love"] 
64Hold Up [from the "Lemonade"]03:41
65Honesty [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]03:45
66I Care [from the "4"]03:59
67I Know (Destiny's Child) [from the "Naughty Girl (Single)"]03:28
68I Miss You [from the "4"]02:59
69I Was Here [from the "4"]03:59
70If [from the "B'Day"]03:18
71If I Were A Boy [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]04:09
72Indipendent Woman Part 1 [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]02:20
73Intro (The Beyonce Experience Fanfare) [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]01:08
74Irreplaceable [from the "B'Day"]03:48
75Irreplaceable [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]07:32
76Jealous [from the "Beyonce"]03:04
77Jumpin' Jumpin' [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]01:34
78Kitty Kat [from the "B'Day"]03:55
79Krazy in Luv (Maurice's Nu Soul Remix) [from the "Live On Wembley"]06:26
80Listen [from the "B'Day"]03:38
81Listen [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]03:07
82Love Drought [from the "Lemonade"]03:57
83Love On Top [from the "4"]04:27
84Me, Myself & I [from the "Dangerously in Love"]05:00
85Me, Myself And I [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]07:18
86Mine (feat. Drake) [from the "Beyonce"]06:18
87My First Time [from the "Live On Wembley"]04:19
88Naughty Girl [from the "Dangerously in Love"]03:28
89Naughty Girl [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]05:17
90Naughty Girl (Album Version) [from the "Naughty Girl (Single)"]03:27
91Naughty Girl (Calderone Quayle Club Mix) [from the "Naughty Girl (Single)"]09:36
92Naughty Girl (Calderone Quayle Club Mix) [from the "Live On Wembley"] 
93Naughty Girl (feat. Lil' Kim remix) [from the "Naughty Girl (Single)"]03:43
94No Angel [from the "Beyonce"]03:48
95No, No, No Part 2 [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]01:18
96Partition [from the "Beyonce"]05:19
97Party (ft. Andre 3000) [from the "4"]04:05
98Pray You Catch Me [from the "Lemonade"]03:16
99Pretty Hurts [from the "Beyonce"]04:17
100Radio [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]03:37
101Rather Die Young [from the "4"]03:42
102Resentment [from the "B'Day"]04:42
103Ring The Alarm [from the "B'Day"]03:23
104Ring The Alarm [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]03:24
105Ring The Alarm Intro Skit (Jailhouse Confessions) [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]03:33
106Rocket [from the "Beyonce"]06:32
107Run the World (Girls) [from the "4"]03:55
108Sandcastles [from the "Lemonade"]03:02
109Satellites [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]03:07
110Save The Hero [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]04:34
111Say My Name [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]03:12
112Scared Of Lonely [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]03:43
113Signs (ft. Missy Elliot) [from the "Dangerously in Love"]04:57
114Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]03:12
115Smash Into You [from the "I Am... Sasha Fierce"]04:30
116Soldier (Soldier Boy Crank Mix) [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]02:02
117Sorry [from the "Lemonade"]03:52
118Speechless [from the "Dangerously in Love"]05:59
119Speechless [from the "The Beyonce Experience Live"]04:15
120Start Over [from the "4"]03:19

Beyonce - top artists list [#26]


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, and model. []


  • R&B,
  • Soul
  • Hold Up - one of the best Beyonce songs, top songs list [#103]

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