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Non-Fiction by Ne-Yo [2015] [album editions]

Non-Fiction (Ne-Yo)

Track listing

1Non-Fiction (Intro)
2Everybody Loves / The Def of You (Interlude)
3Run (ft. Schoolboy Q) / An Island (Interlude)
4Integrity (ft. Charisse Mills)
5One More (ft. T.I.)
6Time of Our Lives (with Pitbull)
7Who's Taking You Home
8Coming With You
9Let You What… (Interlude)
10Take You There
11Good Morning / Gon' Ride (Interlude)
12Make It Easy
13Money Can't Buy (ft. Jeezy)
14Religious / Rachet Wit Yo Friends (Interlude)
15She Knows (ft. Juicy J)
16She Said I'm Hood Tho (ft. Candice)
17Story Time
20Come Over (Bonus)
21Ballerina (Bonus)

Ne-Yo albums

1Because of You[ 2007 ]
2Champagne Life[ 2010 ]
3In My Own Words[ 2006 ]
4Libra Scale[ 2010 ]
5Non-Fiction[ 2015 ]
6R.E.D.[ 2012 ]
7Year of the Gentleman[ 2008 ]
1Because of You (Ne-Yo)
2Champagne Life (Ne-Yo)
3In My Own Words (Ne-Yo)
4Libra Scale (Ne-Yo)
5Non-Fiction (Ne-Yo)
6R.E.D. (Ne-Yo)
7Year of the Gentleman (Ne-Yo)

Ne-Yo songs

61Man Of The House [from the "Champagne Life"]03:20
62Mirror [from the "In My Own Words"]03:48
63Miss Independent [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]03:52
64Miss Right [from the "R.E.D."]03:49
65Money Can't Buy (ft. Jeezy) [from the "Non-Fiction"]04:25
66My Other Gun [from the "R.E.D."]03:18
67Nobody [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]03:07
68Non-Fiction (Intro) [from the "Non-Fiction"]01:29
69One in a Million [from the "Libra Scale"]04:05
70One More (ft. T.I.) [from the "Non-Fiction"]04:20
71Part of the List [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]04:09
72Religious / Rachet Wit Yo Friends (Interlude) [from the "Non-Fiction"]04:06
73Rock With You [from the "Champagne Life"]04:04
74Run (ft. Schoolboy Q) / An Island (Interlude) [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:38
75Say It [from the "Because of You"]04:41
76Sex With My Ex [from the "Because of You"]03:39
77Sexy Love [from the "In My Own Words"]03:41
78She Is (ft. Tim McGraw) [from the "R.E.D."]03:26
79She Knows (ft. Juicy J) [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:37
80She Said I'm Hood Tho (ft. Candice) [from the "Non-Fiction"]04:08
81Should Be You (ft. Fabolous & Diddy) [from the "R.E.D."]04:16
82Shut Me Down [from the "R.E.D."]03:41
83Sign Me Up [from the "In My Own Words"]03:27
84Single [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]04:18
85So Sick [from the "In My Own Words"]03:29
86So You Can Cry [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]04:18
87Stay (ft. Peedi Crakk) [from the "In My Own Words"]03:52
88Stop This World [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]04:23
89Story Time [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:15
90Stress Reliever [from the "R.E.D."]03:36
91Super High (ft. Rick Ross) [from the "Champagne Life"]03:40
92Take You There [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:57
93Telekinesis [from the "Libra Scale"]04:18
94Time [from the "In My Own Words"]03:27
95Time of Our Lives (with Pitbull) [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:51
96To Whom It May Concern [from the "R.E.D."]04:20
97Unconditional [from the "R.E.D."]04:38
98What Have I Done [from the "Libra Scale"]03:45
99What's The Matter [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]03:45
100When Youre Low [from the "Champagne Life"]03:20
101When You're Mad [from the "In My Own Words"]03:42
102Who's Taking You Home [from the "Non-Fiction"]03:51
103Why [from the "Non-Fiction"]02:39
104Why Does She Stay [from the "Year of the Gentleman"]04:33
105You Got Me Open (ft. Cassidy) [from the "Champagne Life"]03:01

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Shaffer Chimere Smith better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, is a Grammy Award winning American R&B recording artist, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Soul,
  • Hip-Hop,
  • Dance
  • She Knows (ft. Juicy J) - one of the best Ne-Yo songs, top songs list [#461]

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