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Pain Killer by Little Big Town [2014] [album editions]

Pain Killer (Little Big Town)

Track listing

1Quit Breaking Up with Me
2Day Drinking
3Tumble and Fall
4Pain Killer
5Girl Crush
6Faster Gun
7Good People
8Stay All Night
9Save Your Sin
10Live Forever
11Things You Don't Think About
12Turn the Lights On
13Silver and Gold

Little Big Town albums

1A Place to Land[ 2007 ]
2Little Big Town[ 2002 ]
3Pain Killer[ 2014 ]
4The Reason Why[ 2010 ]
5The Road to Here[ 2005 ]
6Tornado[ 2012 ]
1A Place to Land (Little Big Town)
2Little Big Town (Little Big Town)
3Pain Killer (Little Big Town)
4The Reason Why (Little Big Town)
5The Road to Here (Little Big Town)
6Tornado (Little Big Town)

Little Big Town songs

1A Little More You [from the "The Road to Here"]04:25
2A Place To Land [from the "A Place to Land"]03:12
3A Thousand Years [from the "Little Big Town"]03:52
4All Over Again [from the "The Reason Why"]04:08
5All The Way Down [from the "The Reason Why"]03:08
6Bones [from the "The Road to Here"]03:46
7Boondocks [from the "The Road to Here"]04:32
8Bring It On Home [from the "The Road to Here"]04:20
9Can't Go Back [from the "Tornado"]03:43
10Day Drinking [from the "Pain Killer"]02:59
11Don't Waste My Time [from the "Little Big Town"]02:50
12Evangeline [from the "A Place to Land"]04:33
13Everything Changes [from the "Little Big Town"]03:44
14Faster Gun [from the "Pain Killer"]04:10
15Fine Line [from the "A Place to Land"]04:01
16Fine With Me [from the "The Road to Here"]03:26
17Firebird Fly [from the "A Place to Land"]03:15
18From This Dream [from the "Little Big Town"]04:27
19Front Porch Thing [from the "Tornado"]03:26
20Fury [from the "A Place to Land"]04:25
21Girl Crush [from the "Pain Killer"]03:13
22Good As Gone [from the "The Road to Here"]04:12
23Good Lord Willing [from the "A Place to Land"]04:33
24Good People [from the "Pain Killer"]03:41
25I'm With The Band [from the "A Place to Land"]04:24
26Kiss Goodbye [from the "The Reason Why"]04:02
27Lean Into It [from the "The Reason Why"]04:18
28Leavin' in Your Eyes [from the "Tornado"]03:13
29Life In A Northern Town (Feat. Sugarland & Jake Owen) [from the "A Place to Land"]04:16
30Life Rolls On [from the "The Reason Why"]03:10
31Little White Church [from the "The Reason Why"]03:06
32Live Forever [from the "Pain Killer"]04:14
33Live With Lonesome [from the "The Road to Here"]03:47
34Lonely Enough [from the "A Place to Land"]04:23
35Looking For A Reason [from the "The Road to Here"]03:05
36Lost [from the "The Road to Here"]04:38
37Love Profound [from the "A Place to Land"]03:57
38Mean Streak [from the "The Road to Here"]04:33
39Never Felt Love [from the "Little Big Town"]03:46
40Night Owl [from the "Tornado"]03:45
41Novocaine [from the "A Place to Land"]04:10
42On Fire Tonight [from the "Tornado"]03:12
43Only What You Make Of It [from the "A Place to Land"]05:09
44Pain Killer [from the "Pain Killer"]03:11
45Pavement Ends [from the "Tornado"]02:31
46Pontiac [from the "Little Big Town"]03:43
47Pontoon [from the "Tornado"]03:32
48Quit Breaking Up with Me [from the "Pain Killer"]03:24
49Rain on a Tin Roof [from the "The Reason Why"]04:25
50Runaway Train [from the "The Reason Why"]03:45
51Save Your Sin [from the "Pain Killer"]02:46
52Self Made [from the "Tornado"]04:08
53Shut Up Train [from the "The Reason Why"]03:48
54Silver and Gold [from the "Pain Killer"]03:33
55Sober [from the "Tornado"]03:15
56Somewhere Far Away [from the "Little Big Town"]04:03
57Stay [from the "Little Big Town"]03:27
58Stay (Acoustic) [from the "The Road to Here"]03:47
59Stay All Night [from the "Pain Killer"]02:45
60Still [from the "Little Big Town"]03:27

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Little Big Town

Little Big Town is an American country music vocal group founded in 1998. []


  • Country
  • Girl Crush - one of the best Little Big Town songs, top songs list [#379]

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