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Foggy Mountain Jamboree by Flatt & Scruggs [1957] [album editions]

Foggy Mountain Jamboree (Flatt & Scruggs)

Track listing

1Flint Hill Special
2Some Old Day
3Earl's Breakdown
4Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy
5Foggy Mountain Special
6It Won't Be Long
7Shuckin' The Corn
8Blue Ridge Cabin Home
9Randy Lynn Rag
10Your Love Is Like A Flower
11Foggy Mountain Chimes
12Reunion In Heaven

Flatt & Scruggs albums

1Foggy Mountain Banjo[ 1961 ]
2Foggy Mountain Jamboree[ 1957 ]
3Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)[ 1967 ]
1Foggy Mountain Banjo (Flatt & Scruggs)
2Foggy Mountain Jamboree (Flatt & Scruggs)
3Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson) (Flatt & Scruggs)

Flatt & Scruggs songs

1Bill Cheatham [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:35
2Blue Ridge Cabin Home [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:58
3Bugle Call Rag [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:28
4Careless Love [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]01:57
5Cripple Creek [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:06
6Cumberland Gap [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]01:54
7Earl's Breakdown [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]03:01
8Evelina [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:03
9Fireball Mail [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]01:50
10Flint Hill Special [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:50
11Foggy Mountain Chimes [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:18
12Foggy Mountain Special [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:05
13Ground Speed [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:11
14Home Sweet Home [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:13
15It Won't Be Long [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:34
16Jazzing [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:05
17Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:45
18John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:16
19John Henry [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:05
20Liberty [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:17
21Little Darlin', Pal Of Mine [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]01:55
22Lonesome Ruben [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:22
23Lonsesome Road Blues [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:00
24Nothing To It [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:49
25Pick Along [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]01:49
26Randy Lynn Rag [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:06
27Reuben [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:00
28Reunion In Heaven [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:52
29Sally Ann [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:09
30Sally Goodwin [from the "Foggy Mountain Banjo"]02:11
31Shuckin' The Corn [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:05
32Some Old Day [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:32
33Spanish Two-Step [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]02:01
34Tammy's Song [from the "Strictly Instrumental (with Doc Watson)"]01:57
35Your Love Is Like A Flower [from the "Foggy Mountain Jamboree"]02:37

Flatt & Scruggs

Flatt & Scruggs

The Foggy Mountain Boys were an influential bluegrass band founded by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs in 1948, shortly after leaving Bill Monroe’s band.

They recorded and performed together up until 1969.


  • Bluegrass,
  • Country
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