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Dark Before Dawn by Breaking Benjamin [2015] [album editions]

Dark Before Dawn (Breaking Benjamin)

Track listing

3Angels Fall
4Breaking The Silence
6Close To Heaven
7Bury Me Alive
8Never Again
9The Great Divide
10Ashes Of Eden

Breaking Benjamin albums

1Dark Before Dawn[ 2015 ]
2Dear Agony[ 2009 ]
3Phobia[ 2006 ]
4Saturate[ 2002 ]
5So Cold[ 2004 ]
6We Are Not Alone[ 2004 ]
1Dark Before Dawn (Breaking Benjamin)
2Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin)
3Phobia (Breaking Benjamin)
4Saturate (Breaking Benjamin)
5So Cold (Breaking Benjamin)
6We Are Not Alone (Breaking Benjamin)

Breaking Benjamin songs

1Angels Fall [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:48
2Anthem Of The Angels [from the "Dear Agony"]04:02
3Ashes Of Eden [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:53
4Away [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:12
5Away [Live] [from the "So Cold"]03:24
6Believe [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:18
7Blow Me Away [from the "So Cold"]03:25
8Break My Fall [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:24
9Breakdown [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:36
10Breakdown [Live] [from the "So Cold"]03:46
11Breaking The Silence [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:02
12Breath [from the "Phobia"]03:38
13Bury Me Alive [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:01
14Close To Heaven [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:08
15Crawl [from the "Dear Agony"]03:58
16Dance With the Devil [from the "Phobia"]03:47
17Dark [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]02:09
18Dawn [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]01:51
19Dear Agony [from the "Dear Agony"]04:18
20Defeated [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:26
21Evil Angel [from the "Phobia"]03:41
22Fade Away [from the "Dear Agony"]03:16
23Failure [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:34
24Firefly [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:07
25Follow [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:17
26Forget It [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:36
27Give Me a Sign [from the "Dear Agony"]04:17
28Had Enough [from the "Phobia"]03:50
29Here We Are [from the "Phobia"]04:18
30Hollow [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:50
31Home [from the "Saturate"]03:37
32Hopeless [from the "Dear Agony"]03:20
33I Will Not Bow [from the "Dear Agony"]03:36
34Into The Nothing [from the "Dear Agony"]03:44
35Intro [from the "Phobia"]01:14
36Lady Bug [from the "So Cold"]03:02
37Lights Out [from the "Dear Agony"]03:33
38Medicate [from the "Saturate"]03:45
39Natural Life [from the "Saturate"]04:00
40Never Again [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:43
41Next To Nothing [from the "Saturate"]03:44
42No Games [from the "Saturate"]03:36
43Outro [from the "Phobia"]02:10
44Phase [from the "Saturate"]04:31
45Polyamorous [from the "Saturate"]02:57
46Rain [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:25
47Shallow Bay [from the "Saturate"]04:05
48Simple Design [from the "We Are Not Alone"]04:14
49Skin [from the "Saturate"]03:20
50So Cold [from the "We Are Not Alone"]04:33
51So Cold [Acoustic] [from the "So Cold"]03:55
52Sooner Or Later [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:38
53Sugarcoat [from the "Saturate"]03:38
54The Diary of Jane [from the "Phobia"]03:20
55The Great Divide [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:12
56Topless [from the "Phobia"]03:03
57Unknown Soldier [from the "Phobia"]03:46
58Until The End [from the "Phobia"]04:13
59Water [from the "Saturate"]04:12
60What Lies Beneath [from the "Dear Agony"]03:34

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Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band founded in 1998 by Benjamin Burnley in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Ppost-grunge
  • Failure - one of the best Breaking Benjamin songs, top songs list [#463]

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