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Fan of a Fan: The Album by Chris Brown [2015] [album editions]

Fan of a Fan: The Album (Chris Brown)

Track listing

2Nothin' Like Me (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
3Ayo (ft. Tyga)
4Girl You Loud
5Remember Me
6I Bet (ft. 50 Cent)
7D.G.I.F.U. (ft. Pusha T)
9Lights Out (ft. Fat Trel)
10Real One (ft. Boosie Badazz)
11Bitches N Marijuana (ft. ScHoolboy Q)
12She Goin' Up
13Wrong In the Right Way
14Bunkin' (ft. Jay 305 & T.I.)
15It's Yo Shit (ft. Wale)

Chris Brown albums

1Chris Brown[ 2005 ]
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition[ 2007 ]
3F.A.M.E.[ 2011 ]
4Fan of a Fan: The Album[ 2015 ]
5Fortune[ 2012 ]
6Graffiti[ 2009 ]
7In My Zone[ 2010 ]
8Royalty[ 2015 ]
9X[ 2014 ]
1Chris Brown (Chris Brown)
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition (Chris Brown)
3F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)
4Fan of a Fan: The Album (Chris Brown)
5Fortune (Chris Brown)
6Graffiti (Chris Brown)
7In My Zone (Chris Brown)
8Royalty (Chris Brown)
9X (Chris Brown)

Chris Brown songs

1101 (Interlude) [from the "X"]01:16
22012 [from the "Fortune"]04:08
34 Years Old [from the "Fortune"]03:49
4Add Me In [from the "X"]03:13
5Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) [from the "Chris Brown"]03:23
6All Back [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:26
7Anyway (ft. Tayla Parx) [from the "Royalty"]03:31
8Autumn Leaves (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "X"]04:28
9Ayo (ft. Tyga) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:45
10Back Out [from the "In My Zone"]03:42
11Back to Sleep [from the "Royalty"]03:21
12Bad [from the "In My Zone"]03:43
13Banjo [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:40
14Bassline [from the "Fortune"]03:59
15Beautiful People (ft. Benny Benassi) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:46
16Beg For It [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:44
17Better [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:42
18Big Booty Judy [from the "In My Zone"]03:53
19Biggest Fan [from the "Fortune"]03:59
20Bitches N Marijuana (ft. ScHoolboy Q) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:14
21Blow It in the Wind [from the "Royalty"]04:08
22Body Shots [from the "X"]03:42
23Bomb (featuring Wiz Khalifa) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:33
24Brown Skinned Girl (ft. Sean ..) [from the "Graffiti"]04:14
25Bunkin' (ft. Jay 305 & T.I.) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]05:02
26Came To Do (ft. Akon) [from the "X"]03:48
27Chase Our Love [from the "Graffiti"]03:21
28Convertible [from the "In My Zone"]02:48
29Crawl [from the "Graffiti"]03:56
30D.G.I.F.U. (ft. Pusha T) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:44
31Damage [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:16
32Day One [from the "Royalty"]04:08
33Deuces (ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall) [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:36
34Discover [from the "Royalty"]04:26
35Do Better [from the "X"]03:48
36Don't Be Gone Too Long [from the "X"]03:22
37Don't Judge Me [from the "Fortune"]04:00
38Dont Lie [from the "In My Zone"]02:46
39Don't Think They Know (ft. Aaliyah) [from the "X"]04:00
40Don't Wake Me Up [from the "Fortune"]03:42
41Down (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:17
42Drown In It (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "X"]03:42
43Drunk Texting (ft. Jhene Aiko) [from the "X"]03:47
44Fallin [from the "Graffiti"]04:11
45Famous Girl [from the "Graffiti"]03:39
46Fine by Me [from the "Royalty"]03:27
47Fine China [from the "X"]03:33
48For Ur Love [from the "Graffiti"]03:45
49Forever [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:38
50Free Run [from the "Fortune"]04:01
51Gimme That [from the "Chris Brown"]03:06
52Gimme Whatcha Got (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:48
53Girl You Loud [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:33
54Girlfriend (ft. Lupe Fiasco) [from the "Graffiti"]04:08
55Glow In The Dark (Bonus) [from the "In My Zone"]03:36
56Gotta Be Ur Way [from the "Graffiti"]03:16
57Heart Ain't A Brain [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:40
58Help Me [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:17
59Hold Up (ft. Big Boi) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:48
60How Low Can You Go [from the "In My Zone"]03:20

Chris Brown - top artists list [#36]

Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American artist, dancer and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Hip hop,
  • Dance
  • Ayo (ft. Tyga) - one of the best Chris Brown songs, top songs list [#427]

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