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Title by Meghan Trainor [2015] [album editions]

Title (Meghan Trainor)

Track listing

1The Best Part (Interlude)
2All About That Bass
3Dear Future Husband
4Close Your Eyes
6Like I'm Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend)
7Bang Dem Sticks
10What If I
11Lips Are Movin'
12No Good For You
13Mr. Almost [ft. Shy Carter]
14My Selfish Heart

Meghan Trainor albums

1I'll Sing With You[ 2011 ]
2Only 17[ 2011 ]
3Thank You[ 2016 ]
4Title[ 2015 ]
1I'll Sing With You (Meghan Trainor)
2Only 17 (Meghan Trainor)
3Thank You (Meghan Trainor)
4Title (Meghan Trainor)

Meghan Trainor songs

13am [from the "Title"]03:05
2All About That Bass [from the "Title"]03:07
3Back To My Home [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:02
4Bang Dem Sticks [from the "Title"]03:01
5Better (ft. Yo Gotti) [from the "Thank You"]02:47
6Broken Puzzle [from the "Only 17"]03:39
7Champagne Problems [from the "Thank You"]03:42
8Close Your Eyes [from the "Title"]03:40
9Credit [from the "Title"]02:51
10Cupid (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]03:25
11Dance Like Yo Daddy [from the "Thank You"]03:03
12Dear Future Husband [from the "Title"]03:04
13Free To Fly [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:31
14Friends [from the "Thank You"]03:30
15Hold On To The Ones You Love [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:16
16Hopeless Romantic [from the "Thank You"]04:05
17I Love Me (with LunchMoney Lewis) [from the "Thank You"]02:47
18I Won't Let You Down [from the "Thank You"]03:20
19I'll Sing With You [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:02
20Just A Friend To You [from the "Thank You"]02:44
21Kindly Calm Me Down [from the "Thank You"]03:58
22Leave A Kiss [from the "Only 17"]03:29
23Like I'm Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend) [from the "Title"]03:45
24Lips Are Movin' [from the "Title"]03:02
25Love Me More [from the "Only 17"]02:48
26Love, Love, Love [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:39
27Me Too [from the "Thank You"]03:01
28Mom [from the "Thank You"]03:15
29Mr. Almost [ft. Shy Carter] [from the "Title"]03:16
30My Selfish Heart [from the "Title"]03:46
31Never Ever [from the "Only 17"]03:43
32No [from the "Thank You"]03:33
33No Good For You [from the "Title"]03:36
34Out The Door [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:12
35Pick Me Up [from the "Only 17"]03:46
36Remember [from the "I'll Sing With You"]02:38
37Shoowap Shoowah (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]03:03
38Single [from the "Only 17"]03:08
39Something To Believe In [from the "Only 17"]03:31
40Sweet Sweetie Pie [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:58
41Thank You [from the "Thank You"]03:25
42The Best Part (Interlude) [from the "Title"]00:24
43This Love [from the "Only 17"]03:29
44Title [from the "Title"]02:54
45Tumble (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]04:07
46Walkashame [from the "Title"]02:58
47Watch Me Do [from the "Thank You"]02:49
48What If I [from the "Title"]03:18
49When Did You Fall [from the "Only 17"]03:36
50Whisper [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:40
51Why Do You Have To Go [from the "I'll Sing With You"]04:35
52Window [from the "Only 17"]03:30
53Woman Up [from the "Thank You"]03:28

Meghan Trainor - top artists list [#48]

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. []


  • Pop,
  • blue-eyed soul
  • Like I'm Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend) - one of the best Meghan Trainor songs, top songs list [#220]

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