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Echoes of Silence by The Weeknd [2011]

Echoes of Silence (The Weeknd)

Track listing

1D.D. (Dirty Diana cover)
4XO - The Host
6Same Old Song
7The Fall
9Echoes of Silence

The Weeknd albums

1Beauty Behind the Madness[ 2015 ]
2Echoes of Silence[ 2011 ]
3Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2015 ]
4House of Balloons[ 2011 ]
5Kiss Land[ 2013 ]
6Thursday[ 2011 ]
7Trilogy[ 2012 ]
1Beauty Behind the Madness (The Weeknd)
2Echoes of Silence (The Weeknd)
3Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4House of Balloons (The Weeknd)
5Kiss Land (The Weeknd)
6Thursday (The Weeknd)
7Trilogy (The Weeknd)

The Weeknd songs

1Acquainted [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]05:48
2Adaptation [from the "Kiss Land"]04:43
3Angel [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]06:17
4As You Are [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]05:40
5Belong to the World [from the "Kiss Land"]05:07
6Can't Feel My Face [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]03:33
7Coming Down [from the "Trilogy"]04:55
8Coming Down [from the "House of Balloons"]04:46
9D.D. [from the "Trilogy"]04:35
10D.D. (Dirty Diana cover) [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:34
11Dark Times (ft. Ed Sheeran) [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:20
12Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) [from the "Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"]04:11
13Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:37
14Echoes of Silence [from the "Trilogy"]04:08
15Echoes of Silence [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:00
16Gone [from the "Trilogy"]08:07
17Gone [from the "Thursday"]08:06
18Heaven or Las Vegas [from the "Trilogy"]06:00
19Heaven Or Las Vegas [from the "Thursday"]05:56
20High for This [from the "Trilogy"]04:07
21High For This [from the "House of Balloons"]04:01
22House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls [from the "Trilogy"]06:47
23House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls [from the "House of Balloons"]06:35
24In the Night [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]03:55
25Initiation [from the "Trilogy"]04:20
26Initiation [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:20
27Kiss Land [from the "Kiss Land"]07:35
28Life of the Party [from the "Trilogy"]04:57
29Life Of The Party [from the "Thursday"]04:56
30Live For (ft. Drake) [from the "Kiss Land"]03:44
31Loft Music [from the "Trilogy"]06:04
32Loft Music [from the "House of Balloons"]05:52
33Lonely Star [from the "Trilogy"]05:49
34Lonely Star [from the "Thursday"]05:48
35Losers (ft. Labrinth) [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:41
36Love In the Sky [from the "Kiss Land"]04:27
37Montreal [from the "Trilogy"]04:10
38Montreal [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:10
39Next [from the "Trilogy"]06:00
40Next [from the "Echoes of Silence"]06:01
41Odd Look (ft. Kavinsky) [from the "Kiss Land"]04:12
42Often [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:09
43Outside [from the "Trilogy"]04:20
44Outside [from the "Echoes of Silence"]04:19
45Pretty [from the "Kiss Land"]06:15
46Prisoner (ft. Lana Del Rey) [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:35
47Professional [from the "Kiss Land"]06:08
48Real Life [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]03:43
49Rolling Stone [from the "Trilogy"]03:50
50Rolling Stone [from the "Thursday"]03:50
51Same Old Song [from the "Echoes of Silence"]05:12
52Same Old Song (ft. Juicy J) [from the "Trilogy"]05:12
53Shameless [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]04:13
54Tears In the Rain [from the "Kiss Land"]07:26
55Tell Your Friends [from the "Beauty Behind the Madness"]05:34
56The Birds Part 1 [from the "Thursday"]03:34
57The Birds Part 2 [from the "Thursday"]05:50
58The Birds Pt. 1 [from the "Trilogy"]03:34
59The Birds Pt. 2 [from the "Trilogy"]05:50
60The Fall [from the "Trilogy"]05:45

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The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye, known by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian recording artist. []


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