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Journey to Freedom by Michelle Williams [2014] [album editions]

Journey to Freedom (Michelle Williams)

Track listing

1Need Your Help (ft. Eric Dawkins)
4Fall (ft. Lecrae & Tye Tribbett)
7Just Like You (ft. Chief Wakil)
9Believe In Me
10In the Morning
11If We Had Your Eyes (ft. Fantasia)
12Say Yes (ft. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland)
13Say Yes (Jochen Simms - Radio Edit)
14Say Yes (John J-C Carr Remix - Original)

Michelle Williams albums

1Do You Know[ 2004 ]
2Heart to Yours[ 2002 ]
3Journey to Freedom[ 2014 ]
4Unexpected[ 2008 ]
1Do You Know (Michelle Williams)
2Heart to Yours (Michelle Williams)
3Journey to Freedom (Michelle Williams)
4Unexpected (Michelle Williams)

Michelle Williams songs

115 Minutes [from the "Do You Know"]04:43
2Beautiful [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:17
3Believe In Me [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:07
4Better Place (9.11) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:01
5Change The World [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:59
6Didn't Know [from the "Do You Know"]03:48
7Do You Know [from the "Do You Know"]04:28
8Everything [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:33
9Everything [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:02
10Fall (ft. Lecrae & Tye Tribbett) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:41
11Fire [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:31
12Free [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:08
13Gospel Medley (ft. Destiny's Child) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:26
14Have You Ever [from the "Do You Know"]04:56
15Heard a Word [from the "Heart to Yours"]04:56
16Heart to Yours [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:54
17Heaven (ft. Carl Thomas) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:07
18Hello Heartbreak [from the "Unexpected"]04:07
19Hungover [from the "Unexpected"]03:31
20I Know (Destiny's Child) [from the "Do You Know"]03:32
21If We Had Your Eyes (ft. Fantasia) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:34
22In the Morning [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:46
23Just Like You (ft. Chief Wakil) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:59
24Love Thang (ft. Dawkins & Dawkins) [from the "Do You Know"]04:37
25Lucky Girl Interlude/Lucky Girl [from the "Unexpected"]03:51
26My Only Love Is You [from the "Do You Know"]03:48
27Need Your Help (ft. Eric Dawkins) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:25
28Never Be the Same [from the "Do You Know"]05:38
29No One Like You [from the "Do You Know"]03:35
30Private Party [from the "Unexpected"]03:36
31Purpose In Your Storm [from the "Do You Know"]04:21
32Rescue My Heart [from the "Do You Know"]05:03
33Rock With Me [from the "Heart to Yours"]06:04
34Say Yes (ft. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]04:22
35Say Yes (Jochen Simms - Radio Edit) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:26
36Say Yes (John J-C Carr Remix - Original) [from the "Journey to Freedom"]05:56
37So Glad (Duet With Mary Mary) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:54
38Steal Away to Jesus (Duet With Shirley Ceasar) [from the "Heart to Yours"]03:28
39Stop This Car [from the "Unexpected"]03:58
40Sun Will Shine Again [from the "Heart to Yours"]04:18
41Thank U [from the "Unexpected"]03:47
42The Greatest [from the "Unexpected"]03:31
43The Incident [from the "Do You Know"]03:14
44The Movement [from the "Do You Know"]03:05
45The Way of Love [from the "Do You Know"]03:42
46Till The End Of The World [from the "Unexpected"]03:10
47Too Young For Love [from the "Unexpected"]03:56
48Unexpected [from the "Unexpected"]03:37
49Unexpected Intro [from the "Unexpected"]00:44
50We Break The Dawn [from the "Unexpected"]03:54
51We Break The Dawn (Part 2) (ft. Flo Rida) [from the "Unexpected"]04:21
52Yes [from the "Journey to Freedom"]03:36
53You Care For Me (ft. Isaac Carree & Lowell Pye of Men Of Standard) [from the "Heart to Yours"]05:56

Michelle Williams - top artists list [#362]

Michelle Williams

Tenitra Michelle Williams, commonly known as Michelle Williams, is an American singer, songwriter, model, record producer and actress. []


  • R&B,
  • Gospel,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Soul
  • Say Yes (ft. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) - one of the best Michelle Williams songs, top songs list [#581]

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