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Love Letters by Metronomy [2014] [album editions]

Love Letters (Metronomy)

Track listing

1The Upsetter
2I'm Aquarius
4Love Letters
5Month of Sundays
6Boy Racers
7Call Me
8The Most Immaculate Haircut
10Never Wanted

Metronomy albums

1Love Letters[ 2014 ]
2Nights Out[ 2008 ]
3Pip Paine[ 2006 ]
4The English Riviera[ 2011 ]
1Love Letters (Metronomy)
2Nights Out (Metronomy)
3Pip Paine (Metronomy)
4The English Riviera (Metronomy)

Metronomy songs

11 String Strung [from the "Pip Paine"]02:43
2A Thing for Me [from the "Nights Out"]03:30
3Back on the Motorway [from the "Nights Out"]03:56
4Bearcan [from the "Pip Paine"]06:38
5Black Eye / Burnt Thumb [from the "Pip Paine"]04:43
6Boy Racers [from the "Love Letters"]04:18
7Call Me [from the "Love Letters"]03:52
8Corinne [from the "The English Riviera"]03:16
9Danger Song [from the "Pip Paine"]04:41
10Everything Goes My Way [from the "The English Riviera"]03:30
11Heartbreaker [from the "Nights Out"]04:14
12Holiday [from the "Nights Out"]04:16
13How Say [from the "Pip Paine"]04:29
14I'm Aquarius [from the "Love Letters"]04:01
15Love Letters [from the "Love Letters"]05:16
16Love Song for Dog [from the "Pip Paine"]03:19
17Love Underlined [from the "The English Riviera"]05:58
18Loving Arm [from the "The English Riviera"]03:31
19Monstrous [from the "Love Letters"]03:53
20Month of Sundays [from the "Love Letters"]03:26
21My Heart Rate Rapid [from the "Nights Out"]04:11
22Never Wanted [from the "Love Letters"]04:36
23New Toy [from the "Pip Paine"]02:57
24Night Out Intro [from the "Nights Out"]02:41
25Nights Outro [from the "Nights Out"]03:12
26On Dancefloors [from the "Nights Out"]04:45
27On the Motorway [from the "Nights Out"]02:36
28Peter's Pan [from the "Pip Paine"]05:22
29Radio Ladio [from the "Nights Out"]03:35
30Reservoir [from the "Love Letters"]03:15
31She Wants [from the "The English Riviera"]03:51
32Side 2 [from the "Nights Out"]03:31
33Some Written [from the "The English Riviera"]06:03
34The 3rd [from the "Pip Paine"]03:56
35The Bay [from the "The English Riviera"]04:50
36The End of You Too [from the "Nights Out"]03:45
37The English Riviera [from the "The English Riviera"]00:37
38The Look [from the "The English Riviera"]04:37
39The Most Immaculate Haircut [from the "Love Letters"]04:30
40The Upsetter [from the "Love Letters"]04:18
41This Could Be Beautiful (It Is) [from the "Pip Paine"]04:11
42Trick or Treatz [from the "Pip Paine"]04:41
43Trouble [from the "The English Riviera"]04:46
44We Broke Free [from the "The English Riviera"]04:05
45You Could Easily Have Me [from the "Pip Paine"]03:07

Metronomy - top artists list [#355]


Metronomy are an electronic music group formed by Joseph Mount in Totnes, Devon, England in 1999. []


  • New wave,
  • Electropop,
  • Wonky pop,
  • Experimental electronic
  • Love Letters - one of the best Metronomy songs, top songs list [#548]

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