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Nirvana by Sam Smith [2013] [album editions]

Nirvana (Sam Smith)

Track listing

1Safe With Me
3I've Told You Now (Live At St Pancras Old Church, London 2013)
4Latch (Acoustic)

Sam Smith albums

1In the Lonely Hour[ 2014 ]
2Nirvana[ 2013 ]
3The Thrill of It All[ 2017 ]
1In the Lonely Hour (Sam Smith)
2Nirvana (Sam Smith)
3The Thrill of It All (Sam Smith)

Sam Smith songs

1Baby, You Make Me Crazy [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:28
2Burning [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:23
3Good Thing [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:21
4HIM [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:10
5I'm Not the Only One [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:59
6I've Told You Now [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:30
7I've Told You Now (Live At St Pancras Old Church, London 2013) [from the "Nirvana"]04:00
8La La La [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:39
9Latch (Acoustic) [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:43
10Latch (Acoustic) [from the "Nirvana"]03:41
11Lay Me Down [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]04:13
12Leave Your Lover [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:08
13Life Support [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:53
14Like I Can [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:47
15Make It To Me [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:43
16Midnight Train [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:27
17Money On My Mind [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:13
18Nirvana [from the "Nirvana"]03:22
19No Peace [from the "The Thrill of It All"]04:43
20Not In That Way [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:52
21Nothing Left For You [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:46
22One Day at a Time [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:29
23One Last Song [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:13
24Palace (ft. Yebba) [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:07
25Pray [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:41
26Restart [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]03:52
27Safe With Me [from the "Nirvana"]03:04
28Say It First [from the "The Thrill of It All"]04:07
29Scars [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:03
30Stay With Me [from the "In the Lonely Hour"]02:52
31The Thrill of It All [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:29
32Too Good At Goodbyes [from the "The Thrill of It All"]03:21

Sam Smith - top artists list [#19]

Sam Smith

Samuel Frederick "Sam" Smith is an English singer-songwriter. []


  • Pop,
  • R&B,
  • Soul
  • Nirvana - one of the best Sam Smith songs, top songs list [#609]

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