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The Woman I Am by Kellie Pickler [2013] [album editions]

The Woman I Am (Kellie Pickler)

Track listing

1Little Bit Gypsy
2Ring For Sale
4The Woman I Am
5Closer To Nowhere
6Selma Drye
7I Forgive You
8Bonnie and Clyde
9Where Did Your Love Go
10No Cure For Crazy
11Tough All Over
12Someone Somewhere Tonight

Kellie Pickler albums

1100 Proof[ 2012 ]
2Kellie Pickler[ 2008 ]
3Small Town Girl[ 2006 ]
4The Woman I Am[ 2013 ]
1100 Proof (Kellie Pickler)
2Kellie Pickler (Kellie Pickler)
3Small Town Girl (Kellie Pickler)
4The Woman I Am (Kellie Pickler)

Kellie Pickler songs

1100 Proof [from the "100 Proof"]03:46
2Best Days of Your Life [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:47
3Bonnie and Clyde [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:10
4Buzzin' [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:28
5Closer To Nowhere [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:24
6Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You [from the "Kellie Pickler"]04:45
7Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You [from the "Small Town Girl"]04:08
8Don't You Know You're Beautiful [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:16
9Girls Like Me [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:47
10Going Out In Style [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:37
11Gotta Keep Moving [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:31
12I Forgive You [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:32
13I Wonder [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:58
14I'm On My Way [from the "Small Town Girl"]04:36
15I'm Your Woman [from the "Kellie Pickler"]02:56
16Little Bit Gypsy [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:06
17Little House On the Highway [from the "100 Proof"]03:13
18Long as I Never See You Again [from the "100 Proof"]03:44
19Lucky Girl [from the "Kellie Pickler"]02:30
20Makin' Me Fall In Love Again [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:26
21Mother's Day [from the "100 Proof"]03:40
22My Angel [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:19
23No Cure For Crazy [from the "The Woman I Am"]02:57
24One Last Time [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:26
25One Of The Guys [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:27
26Red High Heels [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:43
27Ring For Sale [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:24
28Rockaway (The Rockin' Chair Song) [from the "100 Proof"]03:04
29Rocks Instead Of Rice [from the "Kellie Pickler"]03:19
30Selma Drye [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:49
31Small Town Girl [from the "Small Town Girl"]04:25
32Somebody To Love Me [from the "Kellie Pickler"]04:19
33Someone Somewhere Tonight [from the "The Woman I Am"]04:08
34Stop Cheatin' on Me [from the "100 Proof"]02:48
35The Letter (To Daddy) [from the "100 Proof"]02:06
36The Woman I Am [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:02
37Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind [from the "Small Town Girl"]03:11
38Tough [from the "100 Proof"]02:48
39Tough All Over [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:29
40Turn On the Radio and Dance [from the "100 Proof"]03:14
41Unlock That Honky Tonk [from the "100 Proof"]03:39
42Where Did Your Love Go [from the "The Woman I Am"]03:51
43Where's Tammy Wynette [from the "100 Proof"]02:42
44Wild Ponies [from the "Small Town Girl"]04:14

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Kellie Pickler

Kellie Dawn Pickler is an American country music artist and television personality. []


  • Country
  • Someone Somewhere Tonight - one of the best Kellie Pickler songs, top songs list [#762]

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