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Who's That Girl (Soundtrack) by Madonna [1987] [album editions]

Who's That Girl (Soundtrack) (Madonna)

Track listing

1Who's That Girl
2Causing a Commotion
3The Look of Love
424 Hours
5Step by Step
6Turn It Up
7Best Thing Ever
8Can't Stop
9El Coco Loco (So So Bad)

Madonna albums

1American Life[ 2003 ]
2Candy Shop[ 2007 ]
3Celebration[ 2009 ]
4Confessions On A Dance Floor[ 2005 ]
5Erotica[ 1992 ]
6GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)[ 2001 ]
7Hard Candy[ 2008 ]
8Licorice[ 2008 ]
9MDNA[ 2012 ]
10Music[ 2000 ]
11Music (Single)[ 2000 ]
12My Paradise (The Lounge Album)[ 2007 ]
13Ray of Light[ 1998 ]
14Rebel Heart[ 2015 ]
15Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta)[ 2009 ]
16Something to Remember[ 1995 ]
17Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)[ 2008 ]
18The Best Of Madonna[ 1990 ]
19Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)[ 1987 ]
1American Life (Madonna)
2Candy Shop (Madonna)
3Celebration (Madonna)
4Confessions On A Dance Floor (Madonna)
5Erotica (Madonna)
6GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2) (Madonna)
7Hard Candy (Madonna)
8Licorice (Madonna)
9MDNA (Madonna)
10Music (Madonna)
11Music (Single) (Madonna)
12My Paradise (The Lounge Album) (Madonna)
13Ray of Light (Madonna)
14Rebel Heart (Madonna)
15Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta) (Madonna)
16Something to Remember (Madonna)
17Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version) (Madonna)
18The Best Of Madonna (Madonna)
19Who's That Girl (Soundtrack) (Madonna)

Madonna songs

241So lonely [from the "Candy Shop"]02:52
242So Lonely [from the "Licorice"]02:54
243Society [from the "Candy Shop"]05:03
244Society [from the "Licorice"]05:05
245Some Girls [from the "MDNA"]03:53
246Something To Remember [from the "Something to Remember"]05:03
247Sorry [from the "Confessions On A Dance Floor"]04:43
248Sorry [from the "Celebration"]03:58
249Spanish Lesson [from the "Hard Candy"]03:37
250Spanish Lesson [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]03:52
251Step by Step [from the "Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)"]04:45
252Superstar [from the "MDNA"]03:55
253Surprise [from the "Candy Shop"]03:39
254Surprise [from the "Licorice"]03:41
255Sweet Darling [from the "Candy Shop"]04:06
256Sweet Darling [from the "Licorice"]04:08
257Swim [from the "Ray of Light"]05:00
258Take a Bow [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]04:31
259Take a Bow [from the "Celebration"]05:20
260Take a Bow [from the "Something to Remember"]05:20
261The Beat Goes On [from the "Candy Shop"]03:40
262The Beat Goes On [from the "Licorice"]03:43
263The Evidence [from the "Candy Shop"]07:42
264The Evidence [from the "Licorice"]07:45
265The Look of Love [from the "Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)"]04:04
266The Power of Goodbye [from the "Ray of Light"]04:12
267The Power of Goodbye [from the "Music"]04:34
268The Power of Goodbye [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]04:12
269Thief of Hearts [from the "Erotica"]04:51
270This Used To Be My Playground [from the "Something to Remember"]05:09
271To Have and Not To Hold [from the "Ray of Light"]05:22
272To Have and Not To Hold [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]04:54
273Turn It Up [from the "Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)"]03:57
274Turn Up The Radio [from the "MDNA"]03:46
275Unapologetic Bitch [from the "Rebel Heart"]03:51
276Veni Vidi Vici (ft. Nas) [from the "Rebel Heart"]04:39
277Vogue [from the "The Best Of Madonna"]05:18
278Vogue [from the "Celebration"]05:16
279Vogue (4 Minutes Version) [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]04:24
280Voices [from the "Hard Candy"]03:39
281Waiting [from the "Erotica"]05:46
282Wash All Over Me [from the "Rebel Heart"]04:01
283Welcome To The Candy Shop/Candy Shop [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]06:28
284What It Feels Like for a Girl [from the "Music"]04:45
285What It Feels Like for a Girl [from the "GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)"]04:45
286What It Feels Like for a Girl [from the "My Paradise (The Lounge Album)"]04:26
287Where Life Begins [from the "Erotica"]05:57
288Who's That Girl [from the "Celebration"]04:00
289Who's That Girl [from the "Who's That Girl (Soundtrack)"]03:59
290Why's It So Hard [from the "Erotica"]05:23
291Words [from the "Erotica"]05:56
292X-static Process [from the "American Life"]03:49
293You Must Love Me [from the "Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)"]04:24
294You'll See [from the "Something to Remember"]04:40

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Madonna is an American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur. []


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  • Who's That Girl by Madonna

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