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Night Train by Jason Aldean [2012] [album editions]

Night Train (Jason Aldean)

Track listing

1This Nothin' Town
2When She Says Baby
3Feel That Again
4Wheels Rollin'
6The Only Way I Know (With Luke Bryan & Eric Church)
7Take A Little Ride
8I Don't Do Lonely Well
9Night Train
11Staring At The Sun
12Drink One For Me
13Black Tears
14Walking Away
15Water Tower

Jason Aldean albums

1Jason Aldean[ 2005 ]
2My Kinda Party[ 2010 ]
3Night Train[ 2012 ]
4Old Boots, New Dirt[ 2014 ]
5Relentless[ 2007 ]
6Wide Open[ 2009 ]
1Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean)
2My Kinda Party (Jason Aldean)
3Night Train (Jason Aldean)
4Old Boots, New Dirt (Jason Aldean)
5Relentless (Jason Aldean)
6Wide Open (Jason Aldean)

Jason Aldean songs

61Talk [from the "Night Train"]03:49
62Tattoos on This Town [from the "My Kinda Party"]03:22
63Texas Was You [from the "My Kinda Party"]03:25
64The Only Way I Know (With Luke Bryan & Eric Church) [from the "Night Train"]03:13
65This I Gotta See [from the "Wide Open"]03:57
66This Nothin' Town [from the "Night Train"]03:11
67Tonight Looks Good On You [from the "Old Boots, New Dirt"]03:51
68Too Fast [from the "Old Boots, New Dirt"]03:22
69Truth [from the "Wide Open"]03:58
70Tryin' To Love Me [from the "Old Boots, New Dirt"]03:45
71Two Night Town [from the "Old Boots, New Dirt"]03:20
72Walking Away [from the "Night Train"]03:37
73Water Tower [from the "Night Train"]03:43
74Wheels Rollin' [from the "Night Train"]04:40
75When She Says Baby [from the "Night Train"]02:51
76Who's Kissing You Tonight [from the "Relentless"]03:24
77Why? [from the "Jason Aldean"]03:33
78Wide Open [from the "Wide Open"]04:00
79You're The Love I Wanna Be In [from the "Jason Aldean"]03:18

Jason Aldean - top artists list [#91]

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is an American pop country singer. []


  • Country,
  • Pop
  • When She Says Baby - one of the best Jason Aldean songs, top songs list [#871]

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