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Ghost Stories by Coldplay [2014] [album editions]

Ghost Stories (Coldplay)

Track listing

1Always In My Head
4True Love
6Another's Arms
8A Sky Full of Stars
10All Your Friends
11Ghost Story
12O (Reprise)

Coldplay albums

1A Head Full of Dreams[ 2015 ]
2A Rush of Blood to the Head[ 2002 ]
3Brothers & Sisters[ 1999 ]
4Fix You[ 2005 ]
5Ghost Stories[ 2014 ]
6Live 2003[ 2003 ]
7Mylo Xyloto[ 2011 ]
8Parachutes[ 2000 ]
9The Blue Room[ 1999 ]
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live)[ 2002 ]
11Viva La Vida[ 2008 ]
12X & Y[ 2005 ]
1A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)
2A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay)
3Brothers & Sisters (Coldplay)
4Fix You (Coldplay)
5Ghost Stories (Coldplay)
6Live 2003 (Coldplay)
7Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)
8Parachutes (Coldplay)
9The Blue Room (Coldplay)
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live) (Coldplay)
11Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
12X & Y (Coldplay)

Coldplay songs

142 [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:57
2A Head Full of Dreams [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:43
3A Hopeful Transmission [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]00:33
4A Message [from the "X & Y"]04:45
5A Rush of Blood to the Head [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:51
6A Rush of Blood To The Head [from the "Live 2003"]06:50
7A Sky Full of Stars [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:28
8A Whisper [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:58
9Adventure of a Lifetime [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:23
10All Your Friends [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:31
11Always In My Head [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:36
12Amazing Day [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:31
13Amsterdam [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:19
14Amsterdam [from the "Live 2003"]05:20
15Another's Arms [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:54
16Army of One [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]06:16
17Bigger Stronger [from the "The Blue Room"]04:49
18Birds [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:49
19Brothers & Sisters [from the "Brothers & Sisters"]04:09
20Cemeteries Of London [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:21
21Charlie Brown [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:45
22Clocks [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:07
23Clocks [from the "Live 2003"]05:32
24Colour Spectrum [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]01:00
25Daylight [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:27
26Death And All His Friends [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:32
27Don't Let It Break Your Heart [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:54
28Don't Panic [from the "The Blue Room"]02:38
29Don't Panic [from the "Parachutes"]02:18
30Don't Panic (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]03:15
31Easy To Please [from the "Brothers & Sisters"]03:03
32Everglow [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:42
33Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:00
34Every Thing's Not Lost [from the "Parachutes"]07:13
35Everything's Not Lost [from the "Live 2003"]08:47
36Everythings's Not Lost [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]06:07
37Fix you [from the "X & Y"]04:55
38Fix You (Edit) [from the "Fix You"]04:09
39Fun (ft. Tove Lo) [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:27
40Ghost Story [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:17
41God Put a Smile Upon Your Face [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]04:57
42God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [from the "Live 2003"]04:56
43Green Eyes [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:43
44High Speed [from the "The Blue Room"]04:16
45High Speed [from the "Parachutes"]04:13
46Hurts Like Heaven [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:02
47Hymn for the Weekend [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]04:18
48In My Place [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]03:48
49In My Place [from the "Live 2003"]04:13
50Ink [from the "Ghost Stories"]03:48
51Kaleidoscope [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]01:51
52Life In Technicolor [from the "Viva La Vida"]02:29
53Lost [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:55
54Lovers In Japan-Reign Of Love [from the "Viva La Vida"]06:51
55Low [from the "X & Y"]05:32
56M.M.I.X. [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]00:48
57Magic [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:45
58Major Minus [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:30
59Midnight [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:54
60Miracles (Japan Bonus Track) [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]03:55

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Coldplay are a post-Britpop/alternative rock band from London.

Coldplay's early material was influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-Britpop,
  • Electro rock
  • Magic - one of the best Coldplay songs, top songs list [#541]

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