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X by Chris Brown [2014] [album editions]

X (Chris Brown)

Track listing

2Add Me In
3Loyal (ft. Lil' Wayne & Tyga)
4New Flame (ft. Usher & Rick Ross)
5Songs On 12 Play (ft. Trey Songz)
6101 (Interlude)
7Drown In It (ft. R. Kelly)
8Came To Do (ft. Akon)
10Time For Love
11Lady In A Glass Dress (Interlude)
12Autumn Leaves (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
13Do Better
14See You Around
15Don't Be Gone Too Long
16Body Shots
17Drunk Texting (ft. Jhene Aiko)
18Lost In Ya Love
19Love More (ft. Nicki Minaj)
20Don't Think They Know (ft. Aaliyah)
21Fine China
22No Lights

Chris Brown albums

1Chris Brown[ 2005 ]
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition[ 2007 ]
3F.A.M.E.[ 2011 ]
4Fan of a Fan: The Album[ 2015 ]
5Fortune[ 2012 ]
6Graffiti[ 2009 ]
7In My Zone[ 2010 ]
8Royalty[ 2015 ]
9X[ 2014 ]
1Chris Brown (Chris Brown)
2Exclusive - The Forever Edition (Chris Brown)
3F.A.M.E. (Chris Brown)
4Fan of a Fan: The Album (Chris Brown)
5Fortune (Chris Brown)
6Graffiti (Chris Brown)
7In My Zone (Chris Brown)
8Royalty (Chris Brown)
9X (Chris Brown)

Chris Brown songs

61I Bet (ft. 50 Cent) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:02
62I Can Transform Ya (ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz) [from the "Graffiti"]03:48
63I Get Around [from the "In My Zone"]03:10
64I Love You [from the "Graffiti"]03:02
65I Need This [from the "Graffiti"]04:21
66I Wanna Be [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:46
67I Wanna Rock [from the "In My Zone"]01:49
68I.Y.A. [from the "Graffiti"]03:08
69I'll Call Ya [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:53
70I'll Go [from the "Graffiti"]03:05
71Intro [from the "Chris Brown"]00:56
72Invented Head [from the "In My Zone"]02:40
73Is This Love? [from the "Chris Brown"]03:17
74It's Yo Shit (ft. Wale) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]03:47
75Just Fine [from the "Chris Brown"]03:52
76KAE [from the "Royalty"]03:35
77Kiss Kiss (ft. T-Pain) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:10
78Lady In A Glass Dress (Interlude) [from the "X"]01:17
79Lights Out (ft. Fat Trel) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:46
80Liquor [from the "Royalty"]03:45
81Little Bit [from the "Royalty"]02:46
82Little More (Royalty) [from the "Royalty"]04:20
83Look At Me Now (ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:42
84Lost In Ya Love [from the "X"]03:49
85Lottery [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]03:41
86Love More (ft. Nicki Minaj) [from the "X"]03:09
87Love The Girls (ft. Game) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:11
88Loyal (ft. Lil' Wayne & Tyga) [from the "X"]04:24
89Lucky Me [from the "Graffiti"]05:10
90Madusa [from the "In My Zone"]03:22
91Make Love [from the "Royalty"]03:50
92Mirage (ft. Nas) [from the "Fortune"]04:17
93New Flame (ft. Usher & Rick Ross) [from the "X"]04:03
94Next 2 You (ft. Justin Bieber) [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:25
95Nice (ft. The Game) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:32
96No Bullshit [from the "In My Zone"]04:07
97No Bullshit [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:08
98No Filter [from the "Royalty"]03:06
99No Lights [from the "X"]03:28
100Nothin' Like Me (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:05
101Oh My Love [from the "F.A.M.E."]04:45
102Paper, Scissors, Rock (ft. Big Sean & Timbaland) [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:44
103Party Hard / Cadillac (Interlude) (ft. Sevyn) [from the "Fortune"]05:14
104Pass Out (ft. Eva Simons) [from the "Graffiti"]03:53
105Perfume [from the "In My Zone"]03:54
106Picture Me Rollin’ [from the "Royalty"]03:13
107Picture Perfect (ft. Bow Wow & Hurricane Chris) (Remix) [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:11
108Picture Perfect (ft. [from the "Exclusive - The Forever Edition"]04:13
109Poppin' [from the "Chris Brown"]04:25
110Proof [from the "Royalty"]04:01
111Real One (ft. Boosie Badazz) [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:59
112Remember Me [from the "Fan of a Fan: The Album"]04:13
113Remember My Name (ft. Sevyn) [from the "Fortune"]03:39
114Run It! [from the "Chris Brown"]03:49
115Run It! (Remix) (ft. Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri) [from the "Chris Brown"]04:04
116Say Ahh [from the "In My Zone"]02:48
117Say Goodbye [from the "Chris Brown"]04:49
118Say It With Me [from the "F.A.M.E."]03:01
119See You Around [from the "X"]03:42
120Seen The Light [from the "Chris Brown"]04:09

Chris Brown - top artists list [#36]

Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American artist, dancer and actor. []


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Hip hop,
  • Dance
  • Loyal (ft. Lil' Wayne & Tyga) - one of the best Chris Brown songs, top songs list [#510]

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