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A Love Surreal by Bilal [2013] [album editions]

A Love Surreal (Bilal)

Track listing

2West Side Girl
3Back To Love
4Winning Hand
6Longing and Waiting
7Right at the Core
8Slipping Away
9Lost For Now
11Never Be the Same
12Butterfly (ft. Robert Glasper)
13The Flow

Bilal albums

1A Love Surreal[ 2013 ]
2Airtight's Revenge[ 2010 ]
3In Another Life[ 2015 ]
4Love for Sale[ 2006 ]
1A Love Surreal (Bilal)
2Airtight's Revenge (Bilal)
3In Another Life (Bilal)
4Love for Sale (Bilal)

Bilal songs

1All For Love [from the "Love for Sale"]04:47
2All Matter [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]05:21
3Astray [from the "A Love Surreal"]04:14
4Back To Love [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:08
5Bury Me Next to You [from the "In Another Life"]03:47
6Butterfly (ft. Robert Glasper) [from the "A Love Surreal"]06:39
7Cake and Eat it Too [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:00
8Climbing [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:22
9Flying [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:22
10Get Out of My Hair [from the "Love for Sale"]04:23
11Gotsta Be Cool [from the "Love for Sale"]05:48
12Hands of Time [from the "Love for Sale"]03:45
13Holding It Back (ft. Kimbra) [from the "In Another Life"]03:31
14Hollywood [from the "Love for Sale"]03:48
15I Really Don’t Care [from the "In Another Life"]03:03
16Intro [from the "A Love Surreal"]01:05
17Levels [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]05:28
18Little One [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:59
19Longing and Waiting [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:56
20Lord Don't Let It [from the "Love for Sale"]05:08
21Lost For Now [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:41
22Love Child [from the "In Another Life"]03:23
23Lunatic [from the "In Another Life"]02:45
24Make Me Over [from the "Love for Sale"]05:17
25Money Over Love (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "In Another Life"]02:48
26Move On [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:28
27Never Be the Same [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:21
28Open up the Door [from the "In Another Life"]03:12
29Outro [from the "A Love Surreal"]01:05
30Pleasure Toy (ft. Big K.R.I.T.) [from the "In Another Life"]04:35
31Restart [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]04:53
32Right at the Core [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:34
33Robots [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:16
34Satellites [from the "In Another Life"]03:02
35Sirens II [from the "In Another Life"]02:48
36Slipping Away [from the "A Love Surreal"]05:50
37Something To Hold On To [from the "Love for Sale"]04:06
38Sorrow, Tears & Blood (ft. Common & Zap Mama) [from the "Love for Sale"]07:43
39Spiraling [from the "In Another Life"]03:02
40Star Now [from the "In Another Life"]03:13
41Sweet Sour U [from the "Love for Sale"]03:23
42The Dollar [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:28
43The Flow [from the "A Love Surreal"]04:02
44Think It Over [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]03:49
45West Side Girl [from the "A Love Surreal"]03:34
46White Turns To Grey [from the "Love for Sale"]06:17
47Who Are You [from the "Airtight's Revenge"]06:01
48Winning Hand [from the "A Love Surreal"]05:22
49You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven) [from the "Love for Sale"]04:34



Bilal Sayeed Oliver, better known mononymously as Bilal, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer. []


  • Neo soul,
  • Soul,
  • R&B,
  • Funk
  • Butterfly (ft. Robert Glasper) by Bilal

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