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Eardrum by Talib Kweli [2007] [album editions]

Eardrum (Talib Kweli)

Track listing

1Everything Man
2NY Weather Report
3Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 {Deliver Us}
4Say Something
5Country Cousins
6Holy Moly
7Eat To Live
8In the Mood
9Soon The New Day
10Give 'Em Hell
11More Or Less
12Stay Around
13Hot Thing
14Space Fruit
15The Perfect Beat
16Oh My Stars
18Go With Us
19Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me)
20The Nature

Talib Kweli albums

1Eardrum[ 2007 ]
2Gutter Rainbows[ 2011 ]
3Prisoner of Conscious[ 2013 ]
4Quality[ 2002 ]
5The Beautiful Struggle[ 2004 ]
1Eardrum (Talib Kweli)
2Gutter Rainbows (Talib Kweli)
3Prisoner of Conscious (Talib Kweli)
4Quality (Talib Kweli)
5The Beautiful Struggle (Talib Kweli)

Talib Kweli songs

1A Game [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:35
2After The Rain [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]01:27
3Ain't Waiting [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:57
4Around My Way [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:48
5Back Up Offa Me [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:37
6Beautiful Struggle [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:04
7Before He Walked (feat. Nelly & Abby Dobson) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:51
8Black Girl Pain [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]05:03
9Broken Glass [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:11
10Cold Rain - Kweli, Talib [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]02:36
11Come Here (feat. Miguel) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:28
12Country Cousins [from the "Eardrum"]04:31
13Delicate Flowers [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:18
14Eat To Live [from the "Eardrum"]03:07
15Everything Man [from the "Eardrum"]03:16
16Favela Love (ft. Seu Jorge) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]06:19
17Friends And Family [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:58
18Get By [from the "Quality"]03:47
19Ghetto Snow [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:47
20Give 'Em Hell [from the "Eardrum"]04:27
21Go With Us [from the "Eardrum"]03:59
22Going Hard [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:50
23Good To You [from the "Quality"]04:21
24Guerilla Monsoon Rap [from the "Quality"]04:13
25Gun Music [from the "Quality"]03:45
26Gutter Rainbows [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]04:10
27Hamster Wheel [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:26
28High Life (ft. Rubix & Bajah) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:12
29Hold It Now [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]02:10
30Holy Moly [from the "Eardrum"]02:09
31Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 {Deliver Us} [from the "Eardrum"]05:23
32Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me) [from the "Eardrum"]04:21
33Hot Thing [from the "Eardrum"]03:48
34How You Love Me [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]04:04
35Human Mic [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]02:18
36I Try [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:25
37I'm On One [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:55
38In the Mood [from the "Eardrum"]03:56
39Intro [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]01:07
40It Only Gets Better (ft. Marsha Ambrosius) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]05:30
41Joy [from the "Quality"]04:14
42Keynote Speaker [from the "Quality"]02:15
43Listen!!! [from the "Eardrum"]03:58
44More Or Less [from the "Eardrum"]04:41
45Mr International [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:36
46Never Been In Love [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]05:00
47NY Weather Report [from the "Eardrum"]04:35
48Oh My Stars [from the "Eardrum"]03:41
49Outstanding (ft. Ryan Leslie) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:50
50Palookas [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:57
51Push Thru (ft. Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar & Glen Reynolds) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:58
52Put It In The Air [from the "Quality"]04:56
53Ready Set Go (ft. Melanie Fiona) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:26
54Rocket Ships (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:27
55Rush [from the "Quality"]03:42
56Say Something [from the "Eardrum"]03:42
57Self Savior [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:14
58Shock Body [from the "Quality"]03:49
59So Low [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:14
60Soon The New Day [from the "Eardrum"]04:02

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Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli Greene is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

Kweli also earned recognition through his work with fellow Brooklyn-bred rapper Mos Def, in East Coast hip hop group Black Star, as they are collectively known. []


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