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Quality by Talib Kweli [2002] [album editions]

Quality (Talib Kweli)

Track listing

1Keynote Speaker
3Get By
4Shock Body
5Gun Music
6Waitin' For The DJ
8Talk To You {Lil' Darlin'}
9Guerilla Monsoon Rap
10Put It In The Air
11The Proud
12Where Do We Go
13Stand To the Side
14Good To You
15Won't You Stay

Talib Kweli albums

1Eardrum[ 2007 ]
2Gutter Rainbows[ 2011 ]
3Prisoner of Conscious[ 2013 ]
4Quality[ 2002 ]
5The Beautiful Struggle[ 2004 ]
1Eardrum (Talib Kweli)
2Gutter Rainbows (Talib Kweli)
3Prisoner of Conscious (Talib Kweli)
4Quality (Talib Kweli)
5The Beautiful Struggle (Talib Kweli)

Talib Kweli songs

1A Game [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:35
2After The Rain [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]01:27
3Ain't Waiting [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:57
4Around My Way [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:48
5Back Up Offa Me [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:37
6Beautiful Struggle [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:04
7Before He Walked (feat. Nelly & Abby Dobson) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:51
8Black Girl Pain [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]05:03
9Broken Glass [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:11
10Cold Rain - Kweli, Talib [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]02:36
11Come Here (feat. Miguel) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:28
12Country Cousins [from the "Eardrum"]04:31
13Delicate Flowers [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:18
14Eat To Live [from the "Eardrum"]03:07
15Everything Man [from the "Eardrum"]03:16
16Favela Love (ft. Seu Jorge) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]06:19
17Friends And Family [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:58
18Get By [from the "Quality"]03:47
19Ghetto Snow [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:47
20Give 'Em Hell [from the "Eardrum"]04:27
21Go With Us [from the "Eardrum"]03:59
22Going Hard [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]03:50
23Good To You [from the "Quality"]04:21
24Guerilla Monsoon Rap [from the "Quality"]04:13
25Gun Music [from the "Quality"]03:45
26Gutter Rainbows [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]04:10
27Hamster Wheel [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:26
28High Life (ft. Rubix & Bajah) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:12
29Hold It Now [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]02:10
30Holy Moly [from the "Eardrum"]02:09
31Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 {Deliver Us} [from the "Eardrum"]05:23
32Hostile Gospel Pt. 2 (Deliver Me) [from the "Eardrum"]04:21
33Hot Thing [from the "Eardrum"]03:48
34How You Love Me [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]04:04
35Human Mic [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]02:18
36I Try [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]04:25
37I'm On One [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:55
38In the Mood [from the "Eardrum"]03:56
39Intro [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]01:07
40It Only Gets Better (ft. Marsha Ambrosius) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]05:30
41Joy [from the "Quality"]04:14
42Keynote Speaker [from the "Quality"]02:15
43Listen!!! [from the "Eardrum"]03:58
44More Or Less [from the "Eardrum"]04:41
45Mr International [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:36
46Never Been In Love [from the "The Beautiful Struggle"]05:00
47NY Weather Report [from the "Eardrum"]04:35
48Oh My Stars [from the "Eardrum"]03:41
49Outstanding (ft. Ryan Leslie) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:50
50Palookas [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:57
51Push Thru (ft. Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar & Glen Reynolds) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:58
52Put It In The Air [from the "Quality"]04:56
53Ready Set Go (ft. Melanie Fiona) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]04:26
54Rocket Ships (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Prisoner of Conscious"]03:27
55Rush [from the "Quality"]03:42
56Say Something [from the "Eardrum"]03:42
57Self Savior [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:14
58Shock Body [from the "Quality"]03:49
59So Low [from the "Gutter Rainbows"]03:14
60Soon The New Day [from the "Eardrum"]04:02

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Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli Greene is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

Kweli also earned recognition through his work with fellow Brooklyn-bred rapper Mos Def, in East Coast hip hop group Black Star, as they are collectively known. []


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