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She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer [2014] [album editions]

She Looks So Perfect (5 Seconds of Summer)

Track listing

1She Looks So Perfect
2Heartache On the Big Screen
3The Only Reason
4What I Like About You

5 Seconds of Summer albums

15 Seconds of Summer[ 2014 ]
2LiveSOS[ 2014 ]
3She Looks So Perfect[ 2014 ]
4Sounds Good Feels Good[ 2015 ]
15 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
2LiveSOS (5 Seconds of Summer)
3She Looks So Perfect (5 Seconds of Summer)
4Sounds Good Feels Good (5 Seconds of Summer)

5 Seconds of Summer songs

118 [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:09
218 (Live) [from the "LiveSOS"]05:58
3Airplanes [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:38
4American Idiot [from the "LiveSOS"]03:16
5Amnesia [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:57
6Amnesia [from the "LiveSOS"]04:16
7Beside You [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:40
8Beside You [from the "LiveSOS"]03:58
9Broken Home [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:40
10Castaway [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:34
11Catch Fire [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:27
12Disconnected [from the "LiveSOS"]03:46
13Don't Stop [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]02:49
14Don't Stop [from the "LiveSOS"]02:50
15End Up Here [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:01
16End Up Here [from the "LiveSOS"]03:04
17English Love Affair [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:00
18Everything I Didn't Say [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:00
19Everything I Didn't Say [from the "LiveSOS"]03:57
20Fly Away [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:32
21Good Girls [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:27
22Good Girls [from the "LiveSOS"]02:55
23Greenlight [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]02:45
24Heartache On the Big Screen [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:24
25Heartache on the Big Screen [from the "LiveSOS"]04:02
26Heartbreak Girl [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:18
27Hey Everybody! [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:17
28Invisible [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:32
29Jet Black Heart [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:41
30Kiss Me Kiss Me [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:23
31Kiss Me Kiss Me [from the "LiveSOS"]03:31
32Long Way Home [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:19
33Long Way Home [from the "LiveSOS"]04:26
34Money [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]02:50
35Never Be [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:08
36Out Of My Limit [from the "LiveSOS"]03:25
37Outer Space/Carry On [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]06:39
38Permanent Vacation [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:26
39Safety Pin [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:27
40San Francisco [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:19
41She Looks So Perfect [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:22
42She Looks So Perfect [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:22
43She Looks So Perfect [from the "LiveSOS"]04:27
44She's Kinda Hot [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:38
45Social Casualty [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:08
46Teenage Dream [from the "LiveSOS"]04:11
47The Girl Who Cried Wolf [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:18
48The Only Reason [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:23
49Vapor [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]02:59
50Voodoo Doll [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:17
51Waste The Night [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:26
52What I Like About You [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]02:31
53What I Like About You [from the "LiveSOS"]03:56
54What I Like About You (Studio Mix) [from the "LiveSOS"]05:26

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5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop punk/pop rock band formed in Sydney in 2011 []


  • Pop punk,
  • Pop rock
  • She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

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