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One Life Stand by Hot Chip [2010] [album editions]

One Life Stand (Hot Chip)

Track listing

1Thieves In The Night
2Hand Me Down Your Love
3I Feel Better
4One Life Stand
7Alley Cats
8We Have Love
9Keep Quiet
10Take It In

Hot Chip albums

1Coming on Strong[ 2004 ]
2Made in the Dark[ 2008 ]
3Now Autumn 2008[ 2008 ]
4One Life Stand[ 2010 ]
5The Warning[ 2006 ]
1Coming on Strong (Hot Chip)
2Made in the Dark (Hot Chip)
3Now Autumn 2008 (Various artists)
4One Life Stand (Hot Chip)
5The Warning (Hot Chip)

Hot Chip songs

1Alley Cats [from the "One Life Stand"]05:21
2And I Was a Boy from School [from the "The Warning"]05:18
3Arrest Yourself [from the "The Warning"]02:30
4Baby Said [from the "Coming on Strong"]04:56
5Bad Luck [from the "Coming on Strong"]04:03
6Bendable Poseable [from the "Made in the Dark"]03:46
7Brothers [from the "One Life Stand"]04:21
8Careful [from the "The Warning"]03:27
9Colours [from the "The Warning"]05:27
10Crap Kraft Dinner [from the "Coming on Strong"]06:34
11Don't Dance [from the "Made in the Dark"]04:42
12Down With Prince [from the "Coming on Strong"]03:17
13Hand Me Down Your Love [from the "One Life Stand"]04:33
14Hold On [from the "Made in the Dark"]06:20
15I Feel Better [from the "One Life Stand"]04:41
16In The Privacy Of Our Love [from the "Made in the Dark"]02:52
17Just Like We (Breakdown) [from the "The Warning"]04:10
18Keep Fallin' [from the "Coming on Strong"]04:48
19Keep Quiet [from the "One Life Stand"]04:02
20Look After Me [from the "The Warning"]04:48
21Made In The Dark [from the "Made in the Dark"]03:00
22No Fit State [from the "The Warning"]05:04
23One Life Stand [from the "One Life Stand"]05:24
24One On One [from the "Coming on Strong"]03:34
25One Pure Thought [from the "Made in the Dark"]04:53
26Out At The Pictures [from the "Made in the Dark"]04:26
27Over and Over [from the "The Warning"]05:46
28Playboy [from the "Coming on Strong"]05:33
29Ready For The Floor [from the "Made in the Dark"]03:52
30Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip [from the "Now Autumn 2008"]03:53
31Shake A Fist [from the "Made in the Dark"]05:10
32Shining Escalade [from the "Coming on Strong"]05:12
33Slush [from the "One Life Stand"]06:29
34So Glad To See You [from the "The Warning"]03:57
35Take Care [from the "Coming on Strong"]04:06
36Take It In [from the "One Life Stand"]04:10
37Tchaparian [from the "The Warning"]03:18
38The Beach Party [from the "Coming on Strong"]04:01
39The Warning [from the "The Warning"]04:49
40Thieves In The Night [from the "One Life Stand"]06:09
41Touch Too Much [from the "Made in the Dark"]04:05
42We Have Love [from the "One Life Stand"]04:28
43We're Looking For A Lot Of Love [from the "Made in the Dark"]04:43
44Whistle For Will [from the "Made in the Dark"]02:23
45Won't Wash [from the "The Warning"]02:36
46Wrestlers [from the "Made in the Dark"]03:45
47You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride [from the "Coming on Strong"]05:03

Hot Chip - top artists list [#711]

Hot Chip

Hot Chip are an English electropop band.

Hot Chip formed in 2000, though members Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard had previously worked together and had been at Elliott School in Putney, London since 1991. []


  • Indie Pop,
  • Electropop,
  • Alternative Rock
  • I Feel Better - one of the best Hot Chip songs, top songs list [#1998]

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