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Epidemia by Ill Nino [2012] [album editions]

Epidemia (Ill Nino)

Track listing

1The Depression
2Only the Unloved
3La Epidemia (ft. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure)
6Death Wants More
8Time Won't Save You
9Forgive Me Father
10Invisible People

Ill Nino albums

1Confession[ 2003 ]
2Dead New World[ 2010 ]
3Enigma[ 2008 ]
4Epidemia[ 2012 ]
5One Nation Underground[ 2005 ]
6Resident Evil (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
7Revolution Revolucion[ 2001 ]
1Confession (Ill Nino)
2Dead New World (Ill Nino)
3Enigma (Ill Nino)
4Epidemia (Ill Nino)
5One Nation Underground (Ill Nino)
6Resident Evil (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Revolution Revolucion (Ill Nino)

Ill Nino songs

12012 [from the "Enigma"]04:27
2Against The Wall [from the "Dead New World"]03:27
3All I Ask For [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:39
4All the Right Words [from the "Confession"]04:08
5Barely Breathing [from the "One Nation Underground"]01:05
6Bleed Like You [from the "Dead New World"]03:15
7Bullet With Butterfly Wings [from the "Dead New World"]04:27
8Cleansing [from the "Confession"]03:45
9Compulsion of Virus And Fever [from the "Enigma"]04:24
10Corazon of Mine [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:29
11De La Vida [from the "One Nation Underground"]04:04
12De Sangre Hermosa [from the "Enigma"]03:59
13Death Wants More [from the "Epidemia"]03:35
14Demi-God [from the "Epidemia"]03:17
15Escape [from the "Epidemia"]03:33
16Estoy Perdido [from the "Enigma"]03:35
17Eva [from the "Epidemia"]04:12
18Everything Beautiful [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:15
19Eye For an Eye (Live) [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:55
20Fallen [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:38
21Finger Painting (With The Enemy) [from the "Enigma"]04:06
22Forgive Me Father [from the "Epidemia"]03:28
23Formal Obsessions [from the "Enigma"]04:17
24Frustrated [from the "One Nation Underground"]04:19
25God Is for the Dead [from the "Dead New World"]02:54
26God Save Us [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:39
27God Save Us (Live) [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]04:02
28Guerilla Carnival [from the "Enigma"]03:45
29Have You Ever Felt? [from the "Confession"]03:18
30Hot Summer's Tragedy [from the "Enigma"]05:10
31How Can I Live [from the "Confession"]03:16
32How Can I Live/Como Puedo Vivir" (Spanish Version) [from the "Confession"]03:11
33How Could I Believe [from the "Dead New World"]04:11
34I Am Loco [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:30
35If You Still Hate Me [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]02:55
36If You Were Me [from the "Dead New World"]03:41
37In This Moment [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:23
38Invisible People [from the "Epidemia"]03:58
39Kellogg's, Bombs, & Cracker Jacks [from the "Enigma"]04:03
40Killing You, Killing Me [from the "Dead New World"]03:52
41La Epidemia (ft. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure) [from the "Epidemia"]03:10
42La Liberacion of Our Awakening [from the "One Nation Underground"]03:44
43Letting Go [from the "Confession"]03:18
44Liar [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:31
45Lifeless...Life... [from the "Confession"]02:48
46March Against Me [from the "Enigma"]03:30
47Me Gusta La Soledad [from the "Enigma"]04:33
48Mi Revolucion [from the "Dead New World"]03:50
49My Pleasant Torture [from the "One Nation Underground"]04:29
50My Resurrection [from the "One Nation Underground"]02:55
51No Murder [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:21
52Nothing's Clear [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:22
53Numb [from the "Confession"]04:06
54Only the Unloved [from the "Epidemia"]03:39
55Pieces of The Sun [from the "Enigma"]04:17
56Predisposed [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]04:13
57Re-Birth [from the "Confession"]02:53
58Revolution Revolucion [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]03:30
59Rip Out Your Eyes [from the "Revolution Revolucion"]02:49
60Ritual [from the "Dead New World"]04:33

Ill Nino - top artists list [#425]

Ill Nino

Ill Nino is an American six-piece heavy metal band from New Jersey founded in 1998.


  • Alternative metal,
  • Latin metal,
  • Nu metal
  • Forgive Me Father - one of the best Ill Nino songs, top songs list [#748]

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