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Ice on the Dune by Empire of the Sun [2013] [album editions]

Ice on the Dune (Empire of the Sun)

Track listing

4Concert Pitch
5Ice on the Dune
7I'll Be Around
8Old Favours
10Surround Sound
12Keep a Watch

Empire of the Sun albums

1Ice on the Dune[ 2013 ]
2Walking on a Dream[ 2009 ]
1Ice on the Dune (Empire of the Sun)
2Walking on a Dream (Empire of the Sun)

Empire of the Sun songs

1Alive [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:24
2Awakening [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:45
3Breakdown [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:40
4Celebrate [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:19
5Concert Pitch [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:40
6Country [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:04
7Delta Bay [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:12
8Disarm [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:51
9DNA [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:54
10Etude [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:27
11Girl [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:52
12Half Mast [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:54
13Ice on the Dune [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:25
14I'll Be Around [from the "Ice on the Dune"]04:30
15Keep a Watch [from the "Ice on the Dune"]04:28
16Lux [from the "Ice on the Dune"]01:26
17Old Favours [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:54
18Romance to Me [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:25
19Standing on the Shore [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:23
20Standing on the Shore (Hey Today! Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:47
21Standing on the Shore (Losers Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]06:36
22Surround Sound [from the "Ice on the Dune"]03:17
23Swordfish Hotkiss Night [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:56
24Swordfish Hotkiss Night (Eron Mezza Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]02:23
25The World [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:36
26Tiger By My Side [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:46
27Walking on a Dream [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:16
28Walking on a Dream (Ben Watt Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]07:27
29Walking on a Dream (Sam La More 12" Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]07:52
30We Are the People [from the "Walking on a Dream"]04:27
31We Are the People (Shazam Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:42
32We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]08:18
33Without You [from the "Walking on a Dream"]05:00
34Without You (New Version) [from the "Walking on a Dream"]03:31

Empire of the Sun - top artists list [#165]

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, formed in 2008.

Their award-winning, 2008 debut album Walking on a Dream shot the duo to international success and to date has been certified double platinum in Australia and gold in United States. []


  • Electronic,
  • Synthpop,
  • Electronic rock,
  • New wave,
  • Dance
  • Alive - one of the best Empire of the Sun songs, top songs list [#868]

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