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Take Me to Your Leader by Mayday! [2012]

Take Me to Your Leader (Mayday!)

Track listing

1Badlands (ft. Tech N9ne)
2Death March
4Highs & Lows (ft. Ace Hood)
6Lando's Jam
7Due In June
8Dig It Out
9Imprint (ft. Jovi Rockwell)
10TNT (ft. Dead Prez)
11Hardcore Bitches (ft. Murs)
12Last Days (ft. Krizz Kaliko)
13Everything's Everything
14Devil On My Mind (ft. Liz Suwandi)
16Keep Em On
17Take Me to Your Leader
19Last Minute Trip

MAYDAY! albums

1Believers[ 2013 ]
2Stuck on an Island[ 2010 ]
3Take Me to Your Leader[ 2012 ]
1Believers (MAYDAY!)
2Stuck on an Island (MAYDAY!)
3Take Me to Your Leader (MAYDAY!)

MAYDAY! songs

120/20 [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:56
2Badlands (ft. Tech N9ne) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]04:39
3Believers [from the "Believers"]03:05
4Broads & Freqs [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:44
5Death March [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:22
6Devil On My Mind (ft. Liz Suwandi) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]02:50
7Dig It Out [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]04:08
8Due In June [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:00
9Everything's Everything [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]04:39
10Fire [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:40
11Forever New (ft. Stevie Stone) [from the "Believers"]04:59
12Freak Show [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:04
13Good Pressure [from the "Believers"]04:07
14Hardcore Bitches (ft. Murs) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:49
15HighRide [from the "Believers"]03:40
16Highs & Lows (ft. Ace Hood) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:43
17Il Be Gone [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:15
18Imprint (ft. Jovi Rockwell) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:44
19June [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:02
20Keep Em On [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]04:09
21Lando's Jam [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]02:47
22Last Days (ft. Krizz Kaliko) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:23
23Last Minute Trip [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]02:56
24Last One Standing (ft. Tech N9ne) [from the "Believers"]04:38
25Lost Highway [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:35
26Make a Living [from the "Stuck on an Island"]01:58
27Marathon Man [from the "Believers"]04:43
28Mortuary Mary (ft. Anjuli Stars) [from the "Believers"]02:56
29My Life (ft. Irv da Phenom) [from the "Believers"]03:50
30No 1's Lookin [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:25
31On 2 Someth'n' [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:38
32On That Jack [from the "Believers"]03:57
33Padded Walls [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:46
34Part 3 (They Told Me) [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:26
35Pass the .45 [from the "Stuck on an Island"]02:37
36Picture Perfect [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:51
37R.E.M. [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:34
38Roaches [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:28
39Save Ferris (ft. David Correy) [from the "Believers"]04:03
40Sell Yo Soul [from the "Stuck on an Island"]04:23
41Shortcuts & Dead Ends [from the "Believers"]04:45
42Shots Fired [from the "Believers"]03:52
43Smoke & Mirrors [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:52
44Spare Change [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:14
45Stuck on an Island [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:34
46Stun Gun Stickup [from the "Believers"]03:36
47Take Me to Your Leader [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]03:05
48Tear Shit Down [from the "Believers"]03:37
49Technology [from the "Stuck on an Island"]05:54
50TNT (ft. Dead Prez) [from the "Take Me to Your Leader"]04:45
51Transparent [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:32
52Unplug (ft. Kardinal Offishall) [from the "Believers"]04:43
53Worst Case Scenario [from the "Stuck on an Island"]03:56

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¬°Mayday! is an American hip hop group from Miami, Florida.



  • Hip hop,
  • Rock
  • Badlands (ft. Tech N9ne) - one of the best MAYDAY! songs, top songs list [#1070]

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