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Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs [2013] [album editions]

Mosquito (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Track listing

4Under The Earth
6These Paths
7Area 52
8Buried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon)
11Wedding Song
12Subway (NOLA demo)
13Wedding Song (Acoustic)
14Despair (Acoustic)
15Mosquito (Live from YYY's Bunker Studio)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums

1Fever to Tell[ 2003 ]
2It's Blitz![ 2009 ]
3Mosquito[ 2013 ]
4Show Your Bones[ 2006 ]
1Fever to Tell (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
2It's Blitz! (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
3Mosquito (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
4Show Your Bones (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs

1Always [from the "Mosquito"]04:04
2Area 52 [from the "Mosquito"]02:53
3Black Tongue [from the "Fever to Tell"]02:59
4Buried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon) [from the "Mosquito"]05:17
5Cheated Hearts [from the "Show Your Bones"]04:00
6Cold Light [from the "Fever to Tell"]02:16
7Date With The Night [from the "Fever to Tell"]02:35
8Deja Vu [from the "Show Your Bones"]03:22
9Despair [from the "Mosquito"]04:48
10Despair (Acoustic) [from the "Mosquito"]05:00
11Dragon Queen [from the "It's Blitz!"]04:02
12Dudley [from the "Show Your Bones"]03:44
13Dull Life [from the "It's Blitz!"]04:08
14Fancy [from the "Show Your Bones"]04:26
15Gold Lion [from the "Show Your Bones"]03:09
16Heads Will Roll [from the "It's Blitz!"]03:42
17Honeybear [from the "Show Your Bones"]02:27
18Hysteric [from the "It's Blitz!"]03:52
19Little Shadow [from the "It's Blitz!"]03:57
20Man [from the "Fever to Tell"]01:49
21Maps [from the "Fever to Tell"]03:39
22Modern Romance [from the "Fever to Tell"]07:28
23Mosquito [from the "Mosquito"]02:59
24Mosquito (Live from YYY's Bunker Studio) [from the "Mosquito"]03:23
25Mysteries [from the "Show Your Bones"]02:37
26No No No [from the "Fever to Tell"]05:14
27Phenomena [from the "Show Your Bones"]04:12
28Pin [from the "Fever to Tell"]02:00
29Rich [from the "Fever to Tell"]03:36
30Runaway [from the "It's Blitz!"]05:13
31Sacrilege [from the "Mosquito"]03:50
32Shame And Fortune [from the "It's Blitz!"]03:31
33Skeletons [from the "It's Blitz!"]05:02
34Slave [from the "Mosquito"]04:06
35Soft Shock [from the "It's Blitz!"]03:53
36Subway [from the "Mosquito"]05:16
37Subway (NOLA demo) [from the "Mosquito"]03:51
38The Sweets [from the "Show Your Bones"]03:55
39These Paths [from the "Mosquito"]05:03
40Tick [from the "Fever to Tell"]01:49
41Turn Into [from the "Show Your Bones"]04:05
42Under The Earth [from the "Mosquito"]04:18
43Warrior [from the "Show Your Bones"]03:44
44Way Out [from the "Show Your Bones"]02:53
45Wedding Song [from the "Mosquito"]04:54
46Wedding Song (Acoustic) [from the "Mosquito"]02:53
47Y Control [from the "Fever to Tell"]04:00
48Zero [from the "It's Blitz!"]04:25

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - top artists list [#363]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an American indie rock band formed in New York City in 2000.

Their style has been described as "an art-rock trio who made an edgy post-punk, dancefloor-friendly racket that mixed up Blondie with Siouxsie and the Banshees. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Art punk,
  • Dance punk,
  • Post-punk revival
  • Sacrilege - one of the best Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs, top songs list [#866]

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