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Til The Casket Drops by ZZ Ward [2012] [album editions]

Til The Casket Drops (ZZ Ward)

Track listing

1Til the Casket Drops
2Put the Gun Down
3Blue Eyes Blind
5Cryin Wolf (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
6Save My Life
7Last Love Song
8Lil Darlin (ft. The O'Mys)
9Move Like U Stole It
10Criminal (ft. Freddie Gibbs)
11If I Could Be Her
12Charlie Ain't Home
13365 Days

ZZ Ward albums

1Til The Casket Drops[ 2012 ]
1Til The Casket Drops (ZZ Ward)

ZZ Ward songs

1365 Days [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:27
2Blue Eyes Blind [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:26
3Charlie Ain't Home [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:37
4Criminal (ft. Freddie Gibbs) [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:51
5Cryin Wolf (ft. Kendrick Lamar) [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]04:02
6Home [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:42
7If I Could Be Her [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]02:50
8Last Love Song [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:31
9Lil Darlin (ft. The O'Mys) [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:34
10Move Like U Stole It [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:19
11Put the Gun Down [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]02:50
12Save My Life [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:20
13Til the Casket Drops [from the "Til The Casket Drops"]03:05

ZZ Ward - top artists list [#458]

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward is an American singer, musician, and songwriter. []


  • Blues,
  • Pop rock,
  • Blue-eyed soul
  • Save My Life - one of the best ZZ Ward songs, top songs list [#883]

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