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Carnival Ride by Carrie Underwood [2007] [album editions]

Carnival Ride (Carrie Underwood)

Track listing

1Flat on the Floor
2All-American Girl
3So Small
4Just a Dream
5Get Out of This Town
6Crazy Dreams
7I Know You Won't
8Last Name
9You Won't Find This
10I Told You So
11More Boys I Meet
13Wheel of the World
14Sometimes You Leave
15So Small (Acoustic)
16Interview Part I
17Get Out of This Town (Acoustic)
18Interview Part II
19Just a Dream (Acoustic)
20Interview Part III
21The More Boys I Meet (Acoustic)
22Interview Part IV
23Wasted (Live)

Carrie Underwood albums

1Blown Away[ 2012 ]
2Carnival Ride[ 2007 ]
3Play On[ 2009 ]
4Some Hearts[ 2005 ]
5Storyteller[ 2015 ]
1Blown Away (Carrie Underwood)
2Carnival Ride (Carrie Underwood)
3Play On (Carrie Underwood)
4Some Hearts (Carrie Underwood)
5Storyteller (Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood songs

1All-American Girl [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:29
2Before He Cheats [from the "Some Hearts"]03:20
3Blown Away [from the "Blown Away"]03:53
4Change [from the "Play On"]03:13
5Chaser [from the "Storyteller"]04:23
6Choctaw Country Affair [from the "Storyteller"]03:30
7Chuch Bells [from the "Storyteller"]03:14
8Clock Don't Stop [from the "Storyteller"]03:22
9Cowboy Casanova [from the "Play On"]03:56
10Crazy Dreams [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:35
11Cupid's Got a Shotgun [from the "Blown Away"]03:46
12Dirty Laundry [from the "Storyteller"]03:25
13Do You Think About Me [from the "Blown Away"]03:38
14Don't Forget to Remember Me [from the "Some Hearts"]04:00
15Flat on the Floor [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:17
16Forever Changed [from the "Blown Away"]04:02
17Get Out of This Town [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:01
18Get Out of This Town (Acoustic) [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:15
19Good Girl [from the "Blown Away"]03:24
20Good In Goodbye [from the "Blown Away"]04:17
21Heartbeat [from the "Storyteller"]03:31
22Heartbeat (Stripped) [from the "Storyteller"]03:21
23I Ain't In Checotah Anymore [from the "Some Hearts"]03:21
24I Just Can't Live a Lie [from the "Some Hearts"]04:00
25I Know You Won't [from the "Carnival Ride"]04:15
26I Told You So [from the "Carnival Ride"]04:17
27Inside Your Heaven [from the "Some Hearts"]03:45
28Interview Part I [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:28
29Interview Part II [from the "Carnival Ride"]07:08
30Interview Part III [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:59
31Interview Part IV [from the "Carnival Ride"]00:55
32Jesus, Take The Wheel [from the "Some Hearts"]03:46
33Just a Dream [from the "Carnival Ride"]04:44
34Just a Dream (Acoustic) [from the "Carnival Ride"]04:42
35Last Name [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:59
36Leave Love Alone [from the "Blown Away"]03:19
37Lessons Learned [from the "Some Hearts"]04:10
38Like I'll Never Love You Again [from the "Storyteller"]03:36
39Little Girl Don't Grow Up Too Fast [from the "Storyteller"]04:26
40Look at Me [from the "Play On"]03:16
41Mama's Song [from the "Play On"]04:00
42Mexico [from the "Storyteller"]03:27
43More Boys I Meet [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:32
44Nobody Ever Told You [from the "Blown Away"]04:13
45One Way Ticket [from the "Blown Away"]03:55
46Play On [from the "Play On"]03:41
47Quitter [from the "Play On"]03:40
48Relapse [from the "Storyteller"]03:24
49Renegade Runaway [from the "Storyteller"]03:40
50See You Again [from the "Blown Away"]04:08
51Smoke Break [from the "Storyteller"]03:19
52So Small [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:45
53So Small (Acoustic) [from the "Carnival Ride"]03:54
54Some Hearts [from the "Some Hearts"]03:48
55Someday When I Stop Loving You [from the "Play On"]04:03
56Sometimes You Leave [from the "Carnival Ride"]04:11
57Songs Like This [from the "Play On"]02:37
58Starts With Goodbye [from the "Some Hearts"]04:07
59Temporary Home [from the "Play On"]04:29
60Thank God For Hometowns [from the "Blown Away"]04:06

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Carrie Underwood

Carrie Marie Underwood is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actress. []


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  • Get Out of This Town by Carrie Underwood

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