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The Phoenix by Lyfe Jennings [2006] [album editions]

The Phoenix (Lyfe Jennings)

Track listing

2Slow Down (ft. Young Buck & Doc Black)
4Let's Stay Together
5Biggie Nigga
6Ghetto Superman
7S.E.X. (ft. LaLa Brown)
8Down Here, Up There
9The River
10Still Here (ft. Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat)
11More Than a Girl
14Keep Ya Head Up
15I'll Always Love You

Lyfe Jennings albums

1I Still Believe[ 2010 ]
2Lyfe 268 192[ 2004 ]
3Lyfe Change[ 2008 ]
4The Phoenix[ 2006 ]
1I Still Believe (Lyfe Jennings)
2Lyfe 268 192 (Lyfe Jennings)
3Lyfe Change (Lyfe Jennings)
4The Phoenix (Lyfe Jennings)

Lyfe Jennings songs

126 Years, 17 Days [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:11
2Baby I'm a Star (ft. Quan) [from the "Lyfe Change"]04:19
3Biggie Nigga [from the "The Phoenix"]02:40
4Brand New (ft. Lil Wayne/T.I.) [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:10
5Busy [from the "I Still Believe"]02:59
6Change the Game (Intro) (ft. Walter Butch) [from the "Lyfe Change"]01:33
7Cops Up [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:32
8Cry [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:11
9Done Crying [from the "I Still Believe"]02:55
10Down Here, Up There [from the "The Phoenix"]03:13
11Ghetto Superman [from the "The Phoenix"]04:21
12Goodbye [from the "The Phoenix"]05:05
13Greedy [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:21
14Hero [from the "I Still Believe"]03:17
15Hmmm [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:41
16Hypothetically [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:45
17I Can't [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:57
18I Still Believe [from the "I Still Believe"]03:23
19If I Knew Then What I Know Now [from the "I Still Believe"]03:35
20If Tomorrow Never Comes [from the "I Still Believe"]04:13
21I'll Always Love You [from the "The Phoenix"]04:53
22Interlude [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]00:14
23Intro [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]00:05
24Intro [from the "The Phoenix"]00:54
25It Coulda Been Worse [from the "I Still Believe"]03:31
26It's Real [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:10
27Keep On Dreaming [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:40
28Keep Ya Head Up [from the "The Phoenix"]03:46
29Learn From This [from the "I Still Believe"]03:43
30Let's Do This Right [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]06:44
31Let's Stay Together [from the "The Phoenix"]04:35
32Love [from the "I Still Believe"]03:20
33Made Up My Mind [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:30
34Mama [from the "I Still Believe"]03:14
35Midnight Train [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:17
36More Than a Girl [from the "The Phoenix"]04:16
37Must Be Nice [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:53
38My Life [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:25
39Never Never Land [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:57
40Old School (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Lyfe Change"]04:12
41Radio [from the "The Phoenix"]03:35
42S.E.X. (ft. LaLa Brown) [from the "The Phoenix"]03:18
43She Got Kids [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:05
44Slow Down (ft. Young Buck & Doc Black) [from the "The Phoenix"]03:45
45Smile [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:06
46Spotlight [from the "I Still Believe"]03:22
47Statistics [from the "I Still Believe"]03:25
48Stick Up Kid [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]04:09
49Still Here (ft. Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat) [from the "The Phoenix"]04:47
50Stingy [from the "The Phoenix"]04:11
51The River [from the "The Phoenix"]03:13
52The Way I Feel About You [from the "Lyfe 268 192"]03:33
53Us (Interlude) [from the "Lyfe Change"]01:16
54Warriors [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:10
55Whatever She Wants [from the "I Still Believe"]03:53
56Wild, Wild, Wild [from the "Lyfe Change"]03:22
57Will I Ever [from the "Lyfe Change"]04:51
58You Think You Got It Bad (ft. Wyclef Jean) [from the "Lyfe Change"]04:18

Lyfe Jennings - top artists list [#232]

Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings is a platinum-selling American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and instrumentalist.

He plays the guitar, bass, and piano which he integrates into his music. []


  • Rock & Soul,
  • Soul
  • S.E.X. (ft. LaLa Brown) - one of the best Lyfe Jennings songs, top songs list [#1264]

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