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Sand & Snow by A Silent Film [2012] [album editions]

Sand & Snow (A Silent Film)

Track listing

1Reaching the Potential
2This Stage Is Your Life
3Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well
5Cuckoo Song
6Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat
7Harbour Lights
8Rustle of the Stars
9Queen of a Sad Land
10Love Takes a Wrecking Ball
11Thousand Mile Race

A Silent Film albums

1Sand & Snow[ 2012 ]
2The City That Sleeps[ 2008 ]
1Sand & Snow (A Silent Film)
2The City That Sleeps (A Silent Film)

A Silent Film songs

1Anastasia [from the "Sand & Snow"]04:03
2Aurora [from the "The City That Sleeps"]04:10
3Cuckoo Song [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:43
4Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well [from the "Sand & Snow"]04:45
5Feather White [from the "The City That Sleeps"]03:33
6Gerontion [from the "The City That Sleeps"]02:59
7Ghosts In The Water [from the "The City That Sleeps"]04:54
8Harbour Lights [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:51
9Highest Regard [from the "The City That Sleeps"]04:01
10Julie June [from the "The City That Sleeps"]04:12
11Lamplight [from the "The City That Sleeps"]03:52
12Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:13
13Love Takes a Wrecking Ball [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:52
14One Wrong Door [from the "The City That Sleeps"]03:42
15Queen of a Sad Land [from the "Sand & Snow"]04:34
16Reaching the Potential [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:49
17Rustle of the Stars [from the "Sand & Snow"]04:00
18Sleeping Pills [from the "The City That Sleeps"]04:03
19Thirteen Times the Strength [from the "The City That Sleeps"]03:58
20This Stage Is Your Life [from the "Sand & Snow"]03:49
21Thousand Mile Race [from the "Sand & Snow"]05:23
22You Will Leave a Mark [from the "The City That Sleeps"]03:36

A Silent Film - top artists list [#466]

A Silent Film

A Silent Film is alternative rock band[3] from Oxford England.

The band formed in 2005.


  • Piano rock,
  • Alternative rock
  • Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well - one of the best A Silent Film songs, top songs list [#935]

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