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Warrior by Ke$ha [2012] [album editions]

Warrior (Ke$ha)

Track listing

2Die Young
4Thinking of You
5Crazy Kids
6Wherever You Are
7Dirty Love (ft. Iggy Pop)
9Only Wanna Dance With You
11All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
12Love Into the Light
13Last Goodbye
14Gold Trans Am
15Out Alive
16Past Lives

Ke$ha albums

1Animal[ 2010 ]
2Cannibal[ 2010 ]
3Tik Tok (Single)[ 2009 ]
4Warrior[ 2012 ]
1Animal (Ke$ha)
2Cannibal (Ke$ha)
3Tik Tok (Single) (Ke$ha)
4Warrior (Ke$ha)

Ke$ha songs

1All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) [from the "Warrior"]03:37
2Animal [from the "Animal"]03:03
3Animal (Billboard Remix) [from the "Cannibal"]04:16
4Backstabber [from the "Animal"]03:09
5Blah Blah Blah (ft. 3OH!3) [from the "Animal"]02:54
6Blind [from the "Animal"]03:52
7Blow [from the "Cannibal"]03:40
8Boots & Boys [from the "Animal"]03:18
9C U Next Tuesday [from the "Cannibal"]03:45
10Cannibal [from the "Cannibal"]03:14
11C'mon [from the "Warrior"]03:34
12Crazy Beautiful Life [from the "Cannibal"]02:50
13Crazy Kids [from the "Warrior"]03:50
14Dancing With Tears in My Eyes [from the "Animal"]04:25
15Die Young [from the "Warrior"]03:31
16Dinosaur [from the "Animal"]02:54
17Dirty Love (ft. Iggy Pop) [from the "Warrior"]02:43
18Gold Trans Am [from the "Warrior"]03:20
19Grow A Pear [from the "Cannibal"]03:28
20Hungover [from the "Animal"]03:03
21Kiss N Tell [from the "Animal"]03:27
22Last Goodbye [from the "Warrior"]03:49
23Love Into the Light [from the "Warrior"]04:46
24Only Wanna Dance With You [from the "Warrior"]03:31
25Out Alive [from the "Warrior"]03:31
26Party At A Rich Dude's House [from the "Animal"]03:17
27Past Lives [from the "Warrior"]03:35
28Sleazy [from the "Cannibal"]03:25
29Stephen [from the "Animal"]03:17
30Supernatural [from the "Warrior"]04:10
31Take It Off [from the "Animal"]03:43
32The Harold Song [from the "Cannibal"]03:58
33Thinking of You [from the "Warrior"]03:03
34TiK ToK [from the "Animal"]03:21
35Tik Tok (Chuck Bucket Mix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:55
36Tik Tok (Cooly G Mix Mono) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:49
37Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Club) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]06:42
38Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Radio) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:54
39Tik Tok (Original Version) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]03:23
40Tik Tok (Tom Nevilles Crunk And Med Vocal Mix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]06:54
41Tik Tok (Untold Remix Dub) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:58
42Tik Tok (Untold Remix) [from the "Tik Tok (Single)"]04:59
43V.I.P. [from the "Animal"]03:36
44Warrior [from the "Warrior"]03:59
45We R Who We R [from the "Cannibal"]03:24
46Wherever You Are [from the "Warrior"]03:58
47Wonderland [from the "Warrior"]03:42
48Your Love Is My Drug [from the "Animal"]03:07

Ke$ha - top artists list [#135]


Kesha Rose Sebert, better known as Ke$ha, is an American recording artist.

Her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on Flo Rida's number one single "Right Round".


  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Electronic
  • C'mon - one of the best Ke$ha songs, top songs list [#725]

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