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Excuse My French by French Montana [2013] [album editions]

Excuse My French (French Montana)

Track listing

1Once In a While (ft. Max B)
2Trap House (ft. Birdman & Rick Ross)
3Ain't Worried About Nothin'
4Paranoid (ft. Young Cash)
5When I Want
6Fuck What Happens Tonight (ft. DJ Khaled, Mavado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg & Scarface)
7Gifted (ft. The Weeknd)
8Ballin' Out (ft. Jeremih & Diddy)
9I Told Em
10Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne)
11Freaks (ft. Nicki Minaj)
12We Go Where Ever We Want (ft. Ne-Yo & Raekwon)
13Bust It Open
14Drink Freely (ft. Rico Love)
15Throw It in the Bag (ft. Chinx Drugz)
16Marble Floors (ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
17Ocho Cinco (ft. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy)
1840 (ft. Trey Songz & Fabolous)
19If I Die

French Montana albums

1Coke Boys 3[ 2012 ]
2Excuse My French[ 2013 ]
3Jungle Rules[ 2017 ]
4Mac & Cheese 3[ 2012 ]
5Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer[ 2014 ]
6Mac Wit Da Cheese[ 2009 ]
1Coke Boys 3 (French Montana)
2Excuse My French (French Montana)
3Jungle Rules (French Montana)
4Mac & Cheese 3 (French Montana)
5Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer (French Montana)
6Mac Wit Da Cheese (French Montana)

French Montana songs

61Mike Epps Skit [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]00:17
62Money Man [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]03:04
63New York Minute (ft. Jadakiss) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]03:10
64No Pressure (ft. Future) [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:27
65No Sunshine (ft. Prodigy & Chinx Drugz) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]03:59
66Ocho Cinco (ft. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy) [from the "Excuse My French"]04:06
67Ocho Cinco (ft. MGK, Los, Red Cafe & Diddy) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]04:07
68On Fire (ft. Max B & Fergie) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]04:03
69Once In a While (ft. Max B) [from the "Excuse My French"]04:47
70Paranoid (ft. Young Cash) [from the "Excuse My French"]04:27
71Playing In The Wind II [from the "Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer"]03:31
72Poison [from the "Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer"]04:38
73Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne) [from the "Excuse My French"]05:03
74Push Up [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:02
75Pussy Quint Skit [from the "Coke Boys 3"]04:59
76Reign In Harlem (ft. Dame Grease) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]02:42
77Sanctuary [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]05:17
78She Workin (ft. Marc E. Bassy) [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:07
79Skit (1) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]00:17
80Skit (2) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]00:12
81Skit (3) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]00:14
82Smoke & Drank (ft. Mac Miller) [from the "Coke Boys 3"]03:29
83State of Mind [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]03:09
84Stick Up Boyz (ft. Max B) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]04:13
85Stop It (ft. T.I.) [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:05
86Sweetest Thing [from the "Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer"]04:32
87Tap That (ft Stack Bundles) [from the "Coke Boys 3"]03:29
88The Remix (ft. Max B) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]05:08
89Thrilla In Manilla (ft. Tyga) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]02:38
90Throw It in the Bag (ft. Chinx Drugz) [from the "Excuse My French"]05:05
91Tic Toc (ft. Trina) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]04:25
92Too Much [from the "Jungle Rules"]02:56
93Trap House (ft. Birdman & Rick Ross) [from the "Excuse My French"]04:24
94Triple Double (ft. Mac Miller & Curren$y) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]03:47
95Trippin [from the "Jungle Rules"]02:56
96Unforgettable (ft. Swae Lee) [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:53
97Wake Up In The Morning (ft. Max B) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]03:04
98Water [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]04:06
99We Go Where Ever We Want (ft. Ne-Yo & Raekwon) [from the "Excuse My French"]04:17
100We Got Hoes (ft. Mike Shorey) [from the "Mac Wit Da Cheese"]01:36
101Weed (Skit) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]00:51
102When I Want [from the "Excuse My French"]03:39
103Whiskey Eyes (ft. Chinx) [from the "Jungle Rules"]04:44
104White Dress [from the "Jungle Rules"]03:43
105Yayo (ft. Future & Chinx Drugz) [from the "Mac & Cheese 3"]03:12

French Montana - top artists list [#43]

French Montana

French Montana is an American rapper and singer of Moroccan and Somali descent.

He is known for his frequent collaborations with Max B, and more recently with Rick Ross, and with his group Coke Boys.


  • Hip hop,
  • Rap,
  • Trap
  • Paranoid (ft. Young Cash) - one of the best French Montana songs, top songs list [#594]

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