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Skelethon by Aesop Rock [2012] [album editions]

Skelethon (Aesop Rock)

Track listing

1Leisureforce (ft. Allyson Baker, Hanni El Khatib)
2ZZZ Top (ft. Allyson Baker)
3Cycles to Gehenna
4Zero Dark Thirty (ft. Rob Sonic)
6Ruby '81
7Crows 1 (ft. Kimya Dawson)
8Crows 2 (ft. Rob Sonic)
9Racing Stripes (ft. Kimya Dawson)
101,000 O'Clock
11Homemade Mummy (ft. Rob Sonic)
12Grace (ft. Hanni El Khatib)
13Saturn Missiles
15Gopher Guts

Aesop Rock albums

1Appleseed[ 1999 ]
2Bazooka Tooth[ 2003 ]
3Daylight[ 2002 ]
4Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives[ 2005 ]
5Float[ 2000 ]
6Labor Days[ 2001 ]
7Music for Earthworms[ 1997 ]
8None Shall Pass[ 2007 ]
9Skelethon[ 2012 ]
1Appleseed (Aesop Rock)
2Bazooka Tooth (Aesop Rock)
3Daylight (Aesop Rock)
4Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives (Aesop Rock)
5Float (Aesop Rock)
6Labor Days (Aesop Rock)
7Music for Earthworms (Aesop Rock)
8None Shall Pass (Aesop Rock)
9Skelethon (Aesop Rock)

Aesop Rock songs

61Holy Smokes [from the "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives"]03:51
62Homemade Mummy (ft. Rob Sonic) [from the "Skelethon"]02:46
63How to Be a Carpenter [from the "Float"]04:44
64I'll Be OK (ft. Slug) [from the "Float"]03:00
65Keep Off The Lawn [from the "None Shall Pass"]03:46
66Kill the Messenger [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]04:54
67Labor [from the "Labor Days"]02:32
68Leisureforce (ft. Allyson Baker, Hanni El Khatib) [from the "Skelethon"]04:43
69Limelighters (ft. Camp Lo) [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]04:33
70Live on 89.9FM Night Train [from the "Music for Earthworms"]05:57
71Lunch With Blockhead [from the "Float"]00:21
72Maintenance [from the "Daylight"]04:29
73Mars Attacks [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]04:39
74Merit [from the "Music for Earthworms"]04:51
75N.Y. Electric [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]05:10
76Nickel Plated Pockets [from the "Daylight"]04:30
77Night Light [from the "Daylight"]04:16
78No City [from the "None Shall Pass"]04:28
79No Jumper Cables [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]05:06
80No Regrets [from the "Labor Days"]04:31
81No Splash [from the "Float"]04:02
82None Shall Pass [from the "None Shall Pass"]04:03
83Number Nine [from the "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives"]04:05
84Odessa (ft. Doseone) [from the "Appleseed"]04:42
85One Brick [from the "Labor Days"]04:32
86One of Four (Thank You) [from the "Daylight"]05:09
87Oxygen [from the "Float"]05:17
88Pigs [from the "None Shall Pass"]04:22
89Plastic Soldiers [from the "Music for Earthworms"]05:18
90Prosperity [from the "Float"]03:56
91Racing Stripes (ft. Kimya Dawson) [from the "Skelethon"]03:23
92Ruby '81 [from the "Skelethon"]02:33
93Same Space (The Tugboat Complex Part 2) [from the "Appleseed"]03:51
94Saturn Missiles [from the "Skelethon"]03:37
95Save Yourself [from the "Labor Days"]04:59
96Shere Khan [from the "Music for Earthworms"]06:34
97Shovel [from the "Labor Days"]04:45
98Sick Friend [from the "Appleseed"]04:30
99Skip Town [from the "Float"]04:21
100Spare a Match [from the "Float"]04:53
101Super Fluke [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]04:51
102Tetra [from the "Skelethon"]04:41
103The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]04:48
104The Harbor is Yours [from the "None Shall Pass"]03:58
105The Mayor and the Crook [from the "Float"]04:10
106The Substance [from the "Music for Earthworms"]05:58
107The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3 [from the "Labor Days"]03:46
108The Yes And The Y'all [from the "Labor Days"]04:04
109Troubled Water [from the "Music for Earthworms"]03:50
110Wake Up Call (ft. Percee P) [from the "Music for Earthworms"]03:19
111Were Famous (ft. El-P) [from the "Bazooka Tooth"]06:21
112Winners Take All [from the "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives"]04:46
113Zero Dark Thirty (ft. Rob Sonic) [from the "Skelethon"]03:21
114Zodiaccupuncture [from the "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives"]04:21
115ZZZ Top (ft. Allyson Baker) [from the "Skelethon"]04:15

Aesop Rock - top artists list [#489]

Aesop Rock

Ian Matthias Bavitz, better known by his stage name Aesop Rock, is an American hip hop artist and producer residing in San Francisco, California.

He was at the forefront of the new wave of underground and alternative hip hop acts that emerged during the late 1990s and early 2000s.


  • Hip hop
  • ZZZ Top (ft. Allyson Baker) - one of the best Aesop Rock songs, top songs list [#1025]

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