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No One Can Do It Better by The D.O.C. [1989] [album editions]

No One Can Do It Better (The D.O.C.)

Track listing

1It's Funky Enough
2Mind Blowin'
3Lend Me An Ear
4Let The Bass Go
5Comm. Blues
6Beaiful But Deadly
7The D.O.C. & The Doctor
8No One Can Do It Better
9Whirlwind Pyramid
10Comm. 2
11The Formula
12Portrait of a Master Piece
13The Grande Finale (The D.O.C. & NWA)

The D.O.C. albums

1Deuce[ 2003 ]
2Helter Skelter[ 1996 ]
3No One Can Do It Better[ 1989 ]
1Deuce (The D.O.C.)
2Helter Skelter (The D.O.C.)
3No One Can Do It Better (The D.O.C.)

The D.O.C. songs

1.45 Automatic (ft. Passion, Mally-G aka Jamal from Illegal) [from the "Helter Skelter"]03:58
21-2-3 (Critical Condition) (ft. U.P.-T.I.G.H.T.) [from the "Deuce"]03:27
34 My Doggz [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:27
4A Lil' Dick Shit (ft. Dick Griffey) [from the "Deuce"]00:20
5All in the Family (ft. El Dorado & N'Dambi) [from the "Deuce"]04:44
6Beaiful But Deadly [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]05:34
7Big Dick Shit (Concrete Jungle) (ft. Six2, Nate Dogg, Jazze Pha & U.P.-T.I.G.H.T.) [from the "Deuce"]03:57
8Bitchez (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]05:12
9Brand New Formula [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:31
10Comm. 2 [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]01:21
11Comm. Blues [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]02:22
12Crazy Bitchez (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:37
13Da Hereafter (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:48
14DFW (ft. Six2, U.P.-T.I.G.H.T., El Dorado & Birdman) [from the "Deuce"]04:51
15Erotix Shit (ft. DFC, Erotic D, MC Breed, Mz. Allan, Mally-G aka Jamal from Illegal) [from the "Helter Skelter"]05:03
16From Ruthless 2 Death Row (Do We All Part) [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:26
17Ghetto Blues (ft. Six2) [from the "Deuce"]04:33
18Gorilla Pympin' (ft. Six2 & Dr. Dre) [from the "Deuce"]05:00
19Interlude (ft. Voodoo Einstein) [from the "Helter Skelter"]05:02
20Intro (ft. Eddie Griffin) [from the "Helter Skelter"]03:20
21It's Funky Enough [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]04:32
22Judgment Day (ft. Six2 & Dr. Dre) [from the "Deuce"]03:56
23Killa Instinc (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]03:36
24Komurshell (ft. Voodoo Einstein) [from the "Helter Skelter"]01:01
25Komurshell (Mo' Hair) (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]02:21
26Lend Me An Ear [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]03:29
27Let The Bass Go [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]03:41
28Mentally Disturbed (ft. Six2) [from the "Deuce"]04:48
29Mind Blowin' [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]02:50
30Music Business [from the "Deuce"]00:21
31My Prayer [from the "Deuce"]00:56
32No One Can Do It Better [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]04:51
33Outro (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]01:06
34Playboy (ft. Erotic D, Cadillac Seville & Six2) [from the "Deuce"]05:01
35Portrait of a Master Piece [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]02:29
36Psychic Pymp Hotline (ft. Dr. Dre & Mike Lynn) [from the "Deuce"]00:46
37Return of Da Living Dead [from the "Helter Skelter"]03:34
38Safari West (ft. Greg Street, Lil' Rob & MC Breed) [from the "Deuce"]00:52
39Secret Plan (ft. Jello Biafra) [from the "Helter Skelter"]05:36
40Simple as That (ft. Six2 & Jazze Pha) [from the "Deuce"]04:42
41Snoop Shit (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Deuce"]01:07
42Sonz o' Light (ft. Erotic D, Mally-G aka Jamal from Illegal) [from the "Helter Skelter"]04:04
43Souliloquy [from the "Deuce"]01:26
44The D.O.C. & The Doctor [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]04:06
45The Formula [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]04:13
46The Grande Finale (The D.O.C. & NWA) [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]04:38
47The Shit (ft. MC Ren, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg & Six2) [from the "Deuce"]04:58
48Touch of Blues [from the "Deuce"]00:21
49Welcome to the New World (ft. Erotic D) [from the "Helter Skelter"]02:51
50What Would You Do? (ft. Six2 & U.P.-T.I.G.H.T.) [from the "Deuce"]04:55
51Whirlwind Pyramid [from the "No One Can Do It Better"]03:45

The D.O.C. - top artists list [#588]

The D.O.C.

Tracy Lynn Curry, primarily known by his stage name The D.O.C., is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas.


  • Hip Hop,
  • Gangsta Rap
  • It's Funky Enough - one of the best The D.O.C. songs, top songs list [#1414]

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