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Perfectly Clear by Jewel [2008] [album editions]

Perfectly Clear (Jewel)

Track listing

1Stronger Woman
2I Do
3Love Is a Garden
4Rosey and Mick
5Anyone But You
6Thump Thump
7Two Become One
8Til It Feels Like Cheating
9Everything Reminds Me of You
10Loved By You
11Perfectly Clear

Jewel albums

10304[ 2003 ]
2Goodbye Alice in Wonderland[ 2006 ]
3Joy: A Holiday Collection[ 1999 ]
4Lullaby[ 2009 ]
5Perfectly Clear[ 2008 ]
6Pieces of You[ 1995 ]
7Spirit[ 1998 ]
8Sweet and Wild[ 2010 ]
9The Merry Goes Round[ 2011 ]
10This Way[ 2001 ]
10304 (Jewel)
2Goodbye Alice in Wonderland (Jewel)
3Joy: A Holiday Collection (Jewel)
4Lullaby (Jewel)
5Perfectly Clear (Jewel)
6Pieces of You (Jewel)
7Spirit (Jewel)
8Sweet and Wild (Jewel)
9The Merry Goes Round (Jewel)
10This Way (Jewel)

Jewel songs

11000 Miles Away [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]03:48
22 Become 1 [from the "0304"]04:38
32 Find U [from the "0304"]03:14
4Absence of Fear [from the "Spirit"]07:25
5Adrian [from the "Pieces of You"]07:03
6Again and Again [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]03:57
7All The Animals [from the "Lullaby"]02:46
8Amen [from the "Pieces of You"]04:34
9America [from the "0304"]03:41
10And the Green Grass Grew All Ar [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]04:09
11Angel Standing By [from the "Pieces of You"]02:39
12Angel Standing By [from the "Lullaby"]02:46
13Anyone But You [from the "Perfectly Clear"]03:55
14Ave Maria [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]03:43
15Bad As It Gets [from the "Sweet and Wild"]03:53
16Barcelona [from the "Spirit"]03:55
17Becoming [from the "0304"]04:22
18Brahm's Lullaby [from the "Lullaby"]04:45
19Break Me [from the "This Way"]04:04
20Bucky the Bull [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]04:32
21Circle Song [from the "Lullaby"]03:47
22Count On Me [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]04:41
23Daddy [from the "Pieces of You"]03:51
24Daydream Land [from the "Lullaby"]03:10
25Deep Water [from the "Spirit"]04:16
26Do You [from the "Spirit"]04:22
27Do You Want To Play [from the "This Way"]02:56
28Doin' Fine [from the "0304"]03:12
29Don't [from the "Pieces of You"]03:37
30Down So Long [from the "Spirit"]04:15
31Dreamer [from the "Lullaby"]04:23
32Drive to You [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]04:14
33Enter From the East [from the "Spirit"]04:04
34Everybody Needs Someone Sometime [from the "This Way"]04:09
35Everything Reminds Me of You [from the "Perfectly Clear"]03:15
36Face of Love [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]03:26
37Fading [from the "Sweet and Wild"]03:34
38Fat Boy [from the "Spirit"]02:56
39Foolish Games [from the "Pieces of You"]05:40
40Foolish Games (Edit) [from the "Pieces of You"]04:00
41Forever And A Day (Always) [from the "Lullaby"]03:15
42Fragile Heart [from the "0304"]03:31
43Fragile Heart [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]03:21
44Give Me the Rainbow [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]04:08
45Gloria [from the "Lullaby"]06:09
46Gloria [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]02:38
47Good Day [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]03:46
48Goodbye Alice in Wonderland [from the "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland"]05:55
49Grey Matter [from the "This Way"]04:40
50Hands [from the "Spirit"]03:55
51Hands (Christmas version) [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]04:11
52Happy [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]03:54
53Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]03:20
54Haunted [from the "0304"]04:51
55I Do [from the "Perfectly Clear"]04:04
56I Love You Forever [from the "Sweet and Wild"]04:24
57I Wonder as I Wander [from the "Joy: A Holiday Collection"]01:59
58I Won't Walk Away [from the "This Way"]04:46
59I'm Sensitive [from the "Pieces of You"]02:56
60In My Room [from the "The Merry Goes Round"]03:56

Jewel - top artists list [#542]


Jewel Kilcher professionally known as Jewel, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, actress and poet.

She has received four Grammy Award nominations and has sold over 27 million albums worldwide. []


  • Pop,
  • Folk,
  • Rock,
  • Country
  • I Do - one of the best Jewel songs, top songs list [#1160]

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