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The Writing's on the Wall by Destiny's Child [1999] [album editions]

The Writing's on the Wall (Destiny's Child)

Track listing

1Intro (The Writing's On The Wall)
2So Good
3Bills, Bills, Bills
4Confessions (ft. Missy Elliott)
5Bug A Boo
7Now That She's Gone
8Where'd You Go
9Hey Ladies
10If You Leave (ft. Next)
11Jumpin', Jumpin'
12Say My Name
13She Can't Love You
15Sweet Sixteen
16Outro (Amazing Grace...Dedicated To Andretta Tillman)
17Get On The Bus (ft. Timbaland)
18Independent Women Part I (Pasadena Remix)
19Independent Women Part II
208 Days Of Christmas
21No, No, No Part. 2 (ft. Wyclef Jean)

Destiny's Child albums

18 Days Of Christmas[ 2004 ]
2Destiny Fulfilled[ 2004 ]
3Destiny's Child[ 1998 ]
4Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
5Survivor[ 2001 ]
6The Writing's on the Wall[ 1999 ]
18 Days Of Christmas (Destiny's Child)
2Destiny Fulfilled (Destiny's Child)
3Destiny's Child (Destiny's Child)
4Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Survivor (Destiny's Child)
6The Writing's on the Wall (Destiny's Child)

Destiny's Child songs

18 Days Of Christmas [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:31
28 Days of Christmas [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]03:31
3A DC Christmas Medley [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]03:59
4Apple Pie A La Mode [from the "Survivor"]02:58
5Bad Habit [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]03:54
6Bills, Bills, Bills [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:16
7Birthday [from the "Destiny's Child"]05:16
8Bootylicious [from the "Survivor"]03:27
9Bridges [from the "Destiny's Child"]04:03
10Brown Eyes [from the "Survivor"]04:36
11Bug A Boo [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:32
12Cater 2 U [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:07
13Confessions (ft. Missy Elliott) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:57
14Dance With Me [from the "Survivor"]03:43
15Dangerously In Love [from the "Survivor"]05:06
16Do You Hear What I Hear (ft. Kelly Rowland) [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]03:48
17DubiLLusions [from the "Destiny's Child"]07:33
18Emotion [from the "Survivor"]03:56
19Fancy [from the "Survivor"]04:12
20Free [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:51
21Game Over (Bonus Track) [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:03
22Get On The Bus (ft. Timbaland) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:44
23Girl [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]03:44
24Gospel Medley [from the "Survivor"]03:24
25Happy Face [from the "Survivor"]04:19
26Hey Ladies [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:15
27If [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:15
28If You Leave (ft. Next) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:35
29Illusion (ft. Wyclef Jean & Pras Of Refugeen Camp) [from the "Destiny's Child"]03:53
30Independent Women Part I [from the "Survivor"]03:40
31Independent Women Part I (Pasadena Remix) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:43
32Independent Women Part II [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:46
33Independent Women Part Ii [from the "Survivor"]03:44
34Intro (The Writing's On The Wall) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]02:05
35Is She The Reason [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:47
36Jumpin', Jumpin' [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:50
37Killing Time [from the "Destiny's Child"]05:10
38Know That [from the "Destiny's Child"]04:25
39Little Drummer Boy (ft. Solange) [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]03:36
40Lose My Breath [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:02
41Love [from the "Destiny Fulfilled"]04:32
42My Heart Still Beats (t. Beyonce) [from the "Survivor"]04:08
43My Time Has Come (Dedicated To Andretta Tillman) [from the "Destiny's Child"]04:25
44Nasty Girl [from the "Survivor"]04:17
45No, No, No (Camdino Soul Extended Remix) [from the "Destiny's Child"]06:35
46No, No, No Part 1 [from the "Destiny's Child"]04:09
47No, No, No Part. 2 (ft. Wyclef Jean) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]03:32
48No, No, No Part. 2 (ft. Wyclef Jean) [from the "Destiny's Child"]03:29
49Now That She's Gone [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]05:35
50O' Holy Night (ft. Michelle Williams) [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]04:25
51Opera Of The Bells [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]04:34
52Outro (Amazing Grace...Dedicated To Andretta Tillman) [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]02:38
53Outro (Dc-3) Thank You [from the "Survivor"]04:02
54Perfect Man [from the "Survivor"]03:41
55Perfect Man - Destiny's Child [from the "Romeo Must Die (Soundtrack)"] 
56Platinum Bells [from the "8 Days Of Christmas"]01:26
57Sail On [from the "Destiny's Child"]04:06
58Say My Name [from the "The Writing's on the Wall"]04:31
59Second Nature [from the "Destiny's Child"]05:11
60Sexy Daddy [from the "Survivor"]04:06

Destiny's Child - top artists list [#322]

Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child was an American R&B girl group whose final line-up comprised Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Formed in 1990 in Houston, Texas, Destiny's Child members began their musical endeavors in their pre-teens under the name Girl's Tyme. []


  • R&B,
  • Soul,
  • Hip hop,
  • Pop,
  • Hip hop soul
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