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Continued Silence by Imagine Dragons [2012] [album editions]

Continued Silence (Imagine Dragons)

Track listing

3On Top of the World
4Round and Round
5It's Time
6My Fault

Imagine Dragons albums

1Continued Silence[ 2012 ]
2Evolve[ 2017 ]
3Hell and Silence[ 2010 ]
4Imagine Dragons[ 2009 ]
5Night Visions[ 2012 ]
6Smoke + Mirrors[ 2015 ]
1Continued Silence (Imagine Dragons)
2Evolve (Imagine Dragons)
3Hell and Silence (Imagine Dragons)
4Imagine Dragons (Imagine Dragons)
5Night Visions (Imagine Dragons)
6Smoke + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons)

Imagine Dragons songs

1All Eyes [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:05
2Amsterdam [from the "Night Visions"]04:01
3Battle Cry [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:34
4Believer [from the "Evolve"]03:24
5Believer (Kaskade Remix) [from the "Evolve"]03:10
6Bleeding Out [from the "Night Visions"]03:43
7Cover Up [from the "Imagine Dragons"]04:18
8Curse [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:40
9Dancing In The Dark [from the "Evolve"]03:55
10Demons [from the "Continued Silence"]02:55
11Demons [from the "Night Visions"]02:57
12Dreams [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:19
13Drive [from the "Imagine Dragons"]04:31
14Emma [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:36
15Every Night [from the "Night Visions"]03:37
16Friction [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:21
17Gold [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:36
18Hear Me [from the "Hell and Silence"]04:02
19Hear Me [from the "Night Visions"]03:55
20Hopeless Opus [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:01
21I Bet My Life [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:14
22I Don't Know Why [from the "Evolve"]03:10
23I Don't Mind [from the "Hell and Silence"]03:20
24I Need a Minute [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:30
25I'll Make It Up To You [from the "Evolve"]04:22
26I'm So Sorry [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:50
27It Comes Back To You [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:37
28It's Time [from the "Continued Silence"]03:58
29It's Time [from the "Night Visions"]04:00
30Levitate [from the "Evolve"]03:18
31Monster [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:10
32Mouth Of The River [from the "Evolve"]03:41
33My Fault [from the "Continued Silence"]02:55
34Not Today [from the "Evolve"]04:20
35Nothing Left To Say [from the "Night Visions"]08:56
36On Top of the World [from the "Continued Silence"]03:10
37On Top Of The World [from the "Night Visions"]03:12
38Polaroid [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:51
39Radioactive [from the "Continued Silence"]03:08
40Radioactive [from the "Night Visions"]03:06
41Release [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]02:29
42Rise Up [from the "Evolve"]03:51
43Round and Round [from the "Continued Silence"]03:16
44Second Chances [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:37
45Selene [from the "Hell and Silence"]04:05
46Shots [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:52
47Smoke And Mirrors [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]04:20
48Start Over [from the "Evolve"]03:06
49Summer [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:38
50The Fall [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]06:02
51The Unknown [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:24
52Thief [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:47
53Thunder [from the "Evolve"]03:07
54Tiptoe [from the "Night Visions"]03:14
55Trouble [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]03:12
56Underdog [from the "Night Visions"]03:29
57Uptight [from the "Imagine Dragons"]03:47
58Walking The Wire [from the "Evolve"]03:52
59Warriors [from the "Smoke + Mirrors"]02:51
60Whatever It Takes [from the "Evolve"]03:21

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Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They formed in 2008. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Electropop
  • Radioactive - one of the best Imagine Dragons songs, top songs list [#654]

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