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Our Inventions by Lali Puna [2010] [album editions]

Our Inventions (Lali Puna)

Track listing

1Rest Your Head
3Everything Is Always
4Our Inventions
5Move On
6Safe Tomorrow
7Future Tense
8Hostile To Me
9That Day
10Out There (ft. Yukihiro Takahashi)

Lali Puna albums

1Faking the Books[ 2004 ]
2Our Inventions[ 2010 ]
3Scary World Theory[ 2002 ]
4Tridecoder[ 1999 ]
1Faking the Books (Lali Puna)
2Our Inventions (Lali Puna)
3Scary World Theory (Lali Puna)
4Tridecoder (Lali Puna)

Lali Puna songs

150 Faces Of [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:55
26-0-3 [from the "Tridecoder"]05:09
3Alienation [from the "Faking the Books"]04:01
4Antena Trash [from the "Tridecoder"]04:33
5Bi-pet [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:12
6B-Movie [from the "Faking the Books"]03:13
7Call 1-800-FEAR [from the "Faking the Books"]03:24
8Come On Home [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:35
9Contratempo [from the "Scary World Theory"]04:25
10Crawling by Numbers [from the "Faking the Books"]02:53
11Don't Think [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:57
12Everything Is Always [from the "Our Inventions"]04:18
13Everywhere & Allover [from the "Tridecoder"]04:43
14Faking the Books [from the "Faking the Books"]04:00
15Fast Forward [from the "Tridecoder"]03:55
16Future Tense [from the "Our Inventions"]03:47
17Geography-5 [from the "Faking the Books"]02:27
18Grin and Bear [from the "Faking the Books"]04:41
19Hostile To Me [from the "Our Inventions"]02:19
20Left Handed [from the "Faking the Books"]03:44
21Lowdown [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:56
22Micronomic [from the "Faking the Books"]03:23
23Middle curse [from the "Scary World Theory"]03:36
24Move On [from the "Our Inventions"]03:41
25Nin-com-pop [from the "Scary World Theory"]04:37
26Our Inventions [from the "Our Inventions"]04:19
27Out There (ft. Yukihiro Takahashi) [from the "Our Inventions"]04:05
28People I Know [from the "Faking the Books"]03:05
29Press My Tummy [from the "Tridecoder"]02:29
30Rapariga Da Banheira [from the "Tridecoder"]03:56
31Remember? [from the "Our Inventions"]03:43
32Rest Your Head [from the "Our Inventions"]03:11
33Safe Tomorrow [from the "Our Inventions"]04:28
34Satur-Nine [from the "Scary World Theory"]01:30
35Scary World Theory [from the "Scary World Theory"]04:43
36Small Things [from the "Faking the Books"]03:40
37Superlotado [from the "Tridecoder"]04:24
38System On [from the "Tridecoder"]03:34
39That Day [from the "Our Inventions"]03:34
40Toca-Discos [from the "Tridecoder"]04:39

Lali Puna - top artists list [#657]

Lali Puna

Lali Puna is an experimental electropop band from Weilheim, Germany.

Founded in 1998 by Korea-born Valerie Trebeljahr (vocals and keyboards), other members include Markus Acher (also member of The Notwist), Christoph Brandner (drums) and Christian HeiƟ (keyboards). []


  • Electropop,
  • Indietronic
  • Move On - one of the best Lali Puna songs, top songs list [#1804]

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