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DS2 by Future [2015] [album editions]

DS2 (Future)

Track listing

1Thought It Was a Drought
2I Serve the Base
3Where Ya At (ft. Drake)
5Lil One
6Stick Talk
7Freak Hoe
9Slave Master
10Blow a Bag
12Rich $ex
13Blood On the Money
14Trap Niggas
15The Percocet & Stripper Joint
16Real Sisters
17Kno The Meaning
18F**k Up Some Commas

Future albums

1Astronaut Status[ 2012 ]
2Dirty Sprite[ 2011 ]
3DS2[ 2015 ]
4Evol[ 2016 ]
5Honest[ 2014 ]
6Pluto[ 2012 ]
1Astronaut Status (Future)
2Dirty Sprite (Future)
3DS2 (Future)
4Evol (Future)
5Honest (Future)
6Pluto (Future)

Future songs

61Pajamas (ft. Rocko) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:50
62Parachute (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "Pluto"]04:09
63Permanent Scar [from the "Pluto"]04:05
64Photo Copied [from the "Evol"]02:52
65Pop Them Bands (ft. Travis Porter) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:46
66Program [from the "Evol"]02:56
67Racks (ft. Yc) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:38
68Real Sisters [from the "DS2"]02:53
69Rich $ex [from the "DS2"]04:00
70Rider (ft. Tasha Catour) [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:55
71Rotation [from the "DS2"]02:47
72Same Damn Time [from the "Pluto"]04:33
73Seven Rings [from the "Evol"]03:25
74Shopping Spree [from the "Astronaut Status"]02:58
75Side Effects [from the "Honest"]04:02
76Slave Master [from the "DS2"]03:19
77So Cold (Interlude) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]00:28
78Space Cadets [from the "Astronaut Status"]02:49
79Spaz on Yall [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:03
80Speaks [from the "Dirty Sprite"]00:43
81Special (ft. Young Scooter) [from the "Honest"]04:29
82Splashin' (ft. F.L.Y.) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:25
83Stand (ft. Scooter) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:55
84Stick Talk [from the "DS2"]02:51
85Straight Up [from the "Pluto"]02:58
86Swap It Out [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:02
87The Future Is Now (ft. Big Rube) [from the "Pluto"]01:04
88The Percocet & Stripper Joint [from the "DS2"]02:28
89Thought It Was a Drought [from the "DS2"]04:25
90Tony Montana (ft. Drake) [from the "Pluto"]04:08
91Transform [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:36
92Trap Niggas [from the "DS2"]03:03
93Truth Gonna Hurt You [from the "Pluto"]03:38
94T-Shirt [from the "Honest"]03:39
95Turn on the Lights [from the "Pluto"]04:09
96Upper Echelon [from the "Dirty Sprite"]01:46
97Watch This (ft. Rocko) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:01
98We On Top (ft. Scooter) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:03
99We Winnin' (ft. Scooter) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:20
100Where Ya At (ft. Drake) [from the "DS2"]03:28
101Xanny Family [from the "Evol"]03:05
102Yeah Yeah (ft. Tity Boi) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:42
103You Deserve It [from the "Pluto"]03:35

Future - top artists list [#62]


Nayvadius Cash, better known by his stage name Future, is an American rapper and singer from the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. []


  • Hip hop
  • Where Ya At (ft. Drake) - one of the best Future songs, top songs list [#269]

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