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The Great Depression by Blindside [2005] [album editions]

The Great Depression (Blindside)

Track listing

1The Great Depression
3Ask Me Now
4We're All Going To Die
6Put Back The Stars
7Fell in Love with the Game
9We Are To Follow
10Bleeding Under Your Eyelids
11My Alibi
12Come To Rest
13This Time
14When I Remember

Blindside albums

1About a Burning Fire[ 2004 ]
2Blindside[ 2005 ]
3The Great Depression[ 2005 ]
1About a Burning Fire (Blindside)
2Blindside (Blindside)
3The Great Depression (Blindside)

Blindside songs

1About A Burning Fire [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:36
2Across Waters Again [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:13
3After You're Gone [from the "About a Burning Fire"]02:57
4All of Us [from the "About a Burning Fire"]03:31
5Ask Me Now [from the "The Great Depression"]03:34
6Bleeding Under Your Eyelids [from the "The Great Depression"]04:56
7Born [from the "Blindside"]03:27
8Citylights [from the "The Great Depression"]03:14
9Come To Rest [from the "The Great Depression"]04:29
10Daughter [from the "Blindside"]02:24
11Die Buying [from the "About a Burning Fire"]03:18
12Empty Box [from the "Blindside"]04:04
13Eye of The Storm [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:02
14Fell in Love with the Game [from the "The Great Depression"]04:07
15Follow You Down [from the "About a Burning Fire"]03:01
16Forgiven (Demo) [from the "Blindside"]02:32
17Heartattack [from the "The Great Depression"]03:10
18Hooray, It's L.A. (ft. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins) [from the "About a Burning Fire"]03:17
19Invert [from the "Blindside"]03:07
20Liberty [from the "Blindside"]03:13
21Liberty (Demo) [from the "Blindside"]02:40
22My Alibi [from the "The Great Depression"]04:33
23Nerve [from the "Blindside"]02:46
24Never [from the "Blindside"]04:28
25One Mind [from the "Blindside"]04:13
26Put Back The Stars [from the "The Great Depression"]03:57
27Replay [from the "Blindside"]02:45
28Roads [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:14
29Shekina [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:46
30Stolen (Demo) [from the "Blindside"]02:42
31Superman [from the "Blindside"]02:42
32Superman (Demo) [from the "Blindside"]02:52
33Swallow [from the "About a Burning Fire"]02:25
34Teddy Bear [from the "Blindside"]04:28
35The Great Depression [from the "The Great Depression"]01:27
36This Shoulder [from the "Blindside"]03:14
37This Time [from the "The Great Depression"]04:47
38We Are To Follow [from the "The Great Depression"]04:02
39We're All Going To Die [from the "The Great Depression"]03:00
40When I Remember [from the "The Great Depression"]04:27
41Where The Sun Never Dies [from the "About a Burning Fire"]04:18
42Yemkela [from the "The Great Depression"]03:38

Blindside - top artists list [#536]


Blindside is a post-hardcore band from Tumba, Sweden.

They formed in 1994 as Underfree and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-hardcore,
  • Christian rock,
  • Christian hardcore
  • Fell in Love with the Game - one of the best Blindside songs, top songs list [#1153]

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