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The Beautiful & Damned by G-Eazy [2017] [album editions]

The Beautiful & Damned (G-Eazy)

Track listing

1The Beauitful & Damned (ft. Zoe Nash)
2Pray For Me
3Him & I (with Halsey)
4But a Dream
5Sober (ft. Charlie Puth)
7No Limit (ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B)
8The Plan
9That's A Lot
10Pick Me Up (ft. Anna of the North)
12Leviathan (ft. Sam Martin)
13Crash & Burn (ft. Kehlani)
14Summer in December
15Charles Brown (ft. E-40 & Jay Ant)
16No Less
17Mama Always Told Me (ft. Madison Love)
18Fly Away (ft. Ugochi)
19Love Is Gone (ft. Drew Love)
20Eazy (ft. Son Lux)

G-Eazy albums

1Must Be Nice[ 2012 ]
2The Beautiful & Damned[ 2017 ]
3These Things Happen[ 2014 ]
4When It's Dark Out[ 2015 ]
1Must Be Nice (G-Eazy)
2The Beautiful & Damned (G-Eazy)
3These Things Happen (G-Eazy)
4When It's Dark Out (G-Eazy)

G-Eazy songs

1Almost Famous [from the "These Things Happen"]04:29
2Been On [from the "These Things Happen"]03:29
3Breathe [from the "Must Be Nice"]02:51
4But a Dream [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:26
5Calm Down [from the "When It's Dark Out"]02:07
6Charles Brown (ft. E-40 & Jay Ant) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]04:49
7Complete [from the "These Things Happen"]03:09
8Crash & Burn (ft. Kehlani) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:00
9Don't Let Me Go (ft. Grace) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:11
10Downtown Love (ft. John Michael Rouchell) [from the "These Things Happen"]05:27
11Drifting (ft. Chris Brown & Tory Lanez) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]04:33
12Eazy (ft. Son Lux) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]05:10
13Everything Will Be OK (ft. Kehlani) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]05:11
14Factory Girl (Skit) [from the "These Things Happen"]00:13
15Far Alone (ft. E-40 & Jay Ant) [from the "These Things Happen"]04:28
16Fly Away (ft. Ugochi) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:31
17For This (ft. IAMNOBODI) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]04:10
18Gotdamn [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]02:52
19Hello [from the "Must Be Nice"]02:37
20Him & I (with Halsey) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]04:28
21I Mean It (ft. Remo) [from the "These Things Happen"]03:56
22Interlude [from the "Must Be Nice"]00:40
23Interlude [from the "These Things Happen"]00:44
24Intro [from the "When It's Dark Out"]01:11
25Just Believe [from the "These Things Happen"]04:02
26Lady Killers (ft. Hoodie Allen) [from the "Must Be Nice"]04:09
27Legend [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:25
28Let's Get Lost (ft. Devon Baldwin) [from the "These Things Happen"]04:00
29Leviathan (ft. Sam Martin) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:47
30Loaded (ft. Dj Carnage) [from the "Must Be Nice"]02:36
31Lotta That (ft. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth) [from the "These Things Happen"]04:49
32Love Is Gone (ft. Drew Love) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:54
33Mad (ft. Devon Baldwin) [from the "Must Be Nice"]03:10
34Mama Always Told Me (ft. Madison Love) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:11
35Marilyn (ft. Dominique LeJeune) [from the "Must Be Nice"]03:18
36Me, Myself & I [from the "When It's Dark Out"]04:11
37Must Be Nice (ft. Johanna Fay) [from the "Must Be Nice"]03:26
38No Less [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]04:10
39No Limit (ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]04:05
40Nothing To Me (ft. Keyshia Cole & E-40) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]05:29
41Of All Things (ft. Too $hort) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:33
42One Of Them (ft. Big Sean) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:19
43Opportunity Cost [from the "These Things Happen"]03:54
44Order More (ft. Starrah) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:28
45Pick Me Up (ft. Anna of the North) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:49
46Plastic Dreams (ft. Johanna Fay) [from the "Must Be Nice"]03:53
47Pray For Me [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:27
48Random [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:00
49Remember You (ft. Blackbear) [from the "These Things Happen"]03:35
50Sad Boy [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:22
51Shoot Me Down (ft. Anthony Stewart) [from the "These Things Happen"]03:16
52Sober (ft. Charlie Puth) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:24
53Some Kind of Drug (ft. Marc E. Bassy) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]03:42
54Stay High (ft. Mod Sun) [from the "Must Be Nice"]03:36
55Summer in December [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:06
56That's A Lot [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:34
57The Beauitful & Damned (ft. Zoe Nash) [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]03:09
58The Plan [from the "The Beautiful & Damned"]04:10
59These Things Happen [from the "These Things Happen"]02:24
60Think About You (ft. Quin) [from the "When It's Dark Out"]02:59

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Gerald Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer from Oakland, California. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Pop rap
  • No Limit (ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B) - one of the best G-Eazy songs, top songs list [#7]

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