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Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine [2011] [album editions]

Ceremonials (Florence and the Machine)

Track listing

1Only If For the Night
2Shake It Out
3What The Water Gave Me
4Never Let Me Go
5Breaking Down
6Lover To Lover
7No Light, No Light
8Seven Devils
11All This And Heaven Too
12Leave My Body
13Remain Nameless
14Strangeness And Charm
15Bedroom Hymns
16What The Water Gave Me (Demo)
17Landscape (Demo)
18Heartlines (Acoustic)
19Shake It Out (Acoustic)
20Breaking Down (Acoustic)

Florence and the Machine albums

1Ceremonials[ 2011 ]
2How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful[ 2015 ]
3Lungs[ 2009 ]
1Ceremonials (Florence and the Machine)
2How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Florence and the Machine)
3Lungs (Florence and the Machine)

Florence and the Machine songs

1All This And Heaven Too [from the "Ceremonials"]04:05
2Bedroom Hymns [from the "Ceremonials"]03:02
3Between Two Lungs [from the "Lungs"]04:09
4Blinding [from the "Lungs"]04:40
5Breaking Down [from the "Ceremonials"]03:49
6Breaking Down (Acoustic) [from the "Ceremonials"]03:31
7Caught [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]04:24
8Cosmic Love [from the "Lungs"]04:16
9Delilah [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]04:53
10Dog Days Are Over [from the "Lungs"]04:12
11Drumming Song [from the "Lungs"]03:43
12Girl With One Eye [from the "Lungs"]03:38
13Heartlines [from the "Ceremonials"]05:01
14Heartlines (Acoustic) [from the "Ceremonials"]05:32
15How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]05:34
16Howl [from the "Lungs"]03:34
17Hurricane Drunk [from the "Lungs"]03:13
18I'm Not Calling You A Liar [from the "Lungs"]03:05
19Kiss With a Fist [from the "Lungs"]02:04
20Landscape (Demo) [from the "Ceremonials"]04:02
21Leave My Body [from the "Ceremonials"]04:34
22Long & Lost [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]03:15
23Lover To Lover [from the "Ceremonials"]04:02
24Mother [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]05:49
25My Boy Builds Coffins [from the "Lungs"]02:56
26Never Let Me Go [from the "Ceremonials"]04:31
27No Light, No Light [from the "Ceremonials"]04:34
28Only If For the Night [from the "Ceremonials"]04:58
29Queen of Peace [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]05:07
30Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) [from the "Lungs"]03:52
31Remain Nameless [from the "Ceremonials"]04:01
32Seven Devils [from the "Ceremonials"]05:03
33Shake It Out [from the "Ceremonials"]04:37
34Shake It Out (Acoustic) [from the "Ceremonials"]04:12
35Ship To Wreck [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]03:54
36Spectrum [from the "Ceremonials"]05:11
37St Jude [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]03:45
38Strangeness And Charm [from the "Ceremonials"]05:16
39Third Eye [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]04:20
40Various Storms & Saints [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]04:09
41What Kind of Man [from the "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful"]03:36
42What The Water Gave Me [from the "Ceremonials"]05:33
43What The Water Gave Me (Demo) [from the "Ceremonials"]03:53
44You've Got the Love [from the "Lungs"]02:48

Florence and the Machine - top artists list [#112]

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine are an English indie pop band, consisting of lead singer Florence Welch and a collaboration of other artists who provide backing music. []


  • Indie pop,
  • Experimental music,
  • Indie rock,
  • Art rock,
  • Soul
  • Only If For the Night - one of the best Florence and the Machine songs, top songs list [#924]

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