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Calling All Hearts by Keyshia Cole [2010] [album editions]

Calling All Hearts (Keyshia Cole)

Track listing

1I Aint Thru (ft. Nicki Minaj)
2Long Way Down
3Tired Of Doing Me (ft. Tank)
4If I Fall In Love Again (ft. Faith Evans)
5So Impossible
7Take Me Away
8What You Do To Me
9Last Hangover (ft. Timbaland)
10Thank You (ft. Dr. Yvonne Cole)
11Better Me

Keyshia Cole albums

1A Different Me[ 2008 ]
2Calling All Hearts[ 2010 ]
1A Different Me (Keyshia Cole)
2Calling All Hearts (Keyshia Cole)

Keyshia Cole songs

1A Different Me Intro [from the "A Different Me"]01:47
2A Different Me Outro [from the "A Different Me"]01:30
3Beautiful Music [from the "A Different Me"]03:58
4Better Me [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:56
5Brand New [from the "A Different Me"]04:16
6Erotic [from the "A Different Me"]04:10
7I Aint Thru (ft. Nicki Minaj) [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:59
8If I Fall In Love Again (ft. Faith Evans) [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:29
9Last Hangover (ft. Timbaland) [from the "Calling All Hearts"]04:17
10Long Way Down [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:58
11Make Me Over [from the "A Different Me"]03:05
12No Other [from the "A Different Me"]03:34
13Oh-Oh,Yeah-Yea [from the "A Different Me"]03:58
14Playa Cardz Right [from the "A Different Me"]04:51
15Please Don't Stop [from the "A Different Me"]04:03
16So Impossible [from the "Calling All Hearts"]04:35
17Sometimes [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:47
18Take Me Away [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:47
19Thank You (ft. Dr. Yvonne Cole) [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:28
20This Is Us [from the "A Different Me"]03:16
21Thought You Should Know [from the "A Different Me"]04:18
22Tired Of Doing Me (ft. Tank) [from the "Calling All Hearts"]03:29
23Trust [from the "A Different Me"]04:13
24What You Do To Me [from the "Calling All Hearts"]04:18
25Where This Love Could End Up [from the "A Different Me"]02:55
26You Complete Me [from the "A Different Me"]03:50
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