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The Great Escape Artist by Jane's Addiction [2011] [album editions]

The Great Escape Artist (Jane's Addiction)

Track listing

2End To The Lies
3Curiosity Kills
4Irresistable Force (Met The Immovable Object)
5I'll Hit You Back
6Twisted Tales
7Ultimate Reason
8Splash A Little Water On It
9Broken People
10Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Jane's Addiction albums

1Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film[ 1994 ]
2Nothing's Shocking[ 1990 ]
3Strays[ 2003 ]
4The Great Escape Artist[ 2011 ]
1Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film (Various artists)
2Nothing's Shocking (Jane's Addiction)
3Strays (Jane's Addiction)
4The Great Escape Artist (Jane's Addiction)

Jane's Addiction songs

1Broken People [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:39
2Curiosity Kills [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]04:29
3End To The Lies [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:31
4Everybody's Friend [from the "Strays"] 
5Had A Dad [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
6Hypersonic [from the "Strays"] 
7Idiots Rule [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
8I'll Hit You Back [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:48
9Irresistable Force (Met The Immovable Object) [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]04:00
10Jane Says [from the "Nothing's Shocking"]04:51
11Just Because [from the "Strays"]03:51
12Mountain Song [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
13Ocean Size [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
14Pig's In Zen [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
15Sex Is Violent (Jane`s Addiction & Diamanda Galas) [from the "Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film"] 
16Splash A Little Water On It [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]05:13
17Standing In The Shower... [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
18Strays [from the "Strays"] 
19Suffer Some [from the "Strays"] 
20Summertime Rolls [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
21SuperHero [from the "Strays"] 
22Ted, Just Admit It... [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
23Thank You Boys [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
24The Price I Pay [from the "Strays"] 
25The Riches [from the "Strays"] 
26To Match The Sun [from the "Strays"] 
27True Nature [from the "Strays"] 
28Twisted Tales [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]04:29
29Ultimate Reason [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:49
30Underground [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:07
31Up The Beach [from the "Nothing's Shocking"] 
32Words Right Out Of My Mouth [from the "The Great Escape Artist"]03:49
33Wrong Girl [from the "Strays"] 

Jane's Addiction - top artists list [#514]

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985.

The band's original line-up featured Perry Farrell (vocals), Dave Navarro (guitar), Eric Avery (bass) and Stephen Perkins (drums). []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Hard rock
  • Underground - one of the best Jane's Addiction songs, top songs list [#1116]

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