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Lean Into It by Mr. Big [1991] [album editions]

Lean Into It (Mr. Big)

Track listing

1Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
2Alive And Kickin'
3Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
4CDFF-Lucky This Time
5Voodoo Kiss
6Never Say Never
7Just Take My Heart
8My Kinda Woman
9A Little Too Loose
10Road to Ruin
11To Be With You
12Love Makes You Strong (Bonus Track)

Mr. Big albums

1Actual Size[ 2001 ]
2Bump Ahead[ 1993 ]
3Get Over It[ 1999 ]
4Hey Man[ 1996 ]
5Lean Into It[ 1991 ]
6Mr. Big[ 1989 ]
7What If....[ 2011 ]
1Actual Size (Mr. Big)
2Bump Ahead (Mr. Big)
3Get Over It (Mr. Big)
4Hey Man (Mr. Big)
5Lean Into It (Mr. Big)
6Mr. Big (Mr. Big)
7What If.... (Mr. Big)

Mr. Big songs

130 Days in the Hole [from the "Mr. Big"]04:13
2A Little Too Loose [from the "Lean Into It"]05:21
3A Rose Alone [from the "Get Over It"]03:52
4Addicted to That Rush [from the "Mr. Big"]04:46
5Ain't Seen Love Like That [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:31
6Alive And Kickin' [from the "Lean Into It"]05:29
7All The Way Up [from the "What If...."]05:12
8American Beauty [from the "What If...."]03:44
9Anything for You [from the "Mr. Big"]04:38
10Around The World [from the "What If...."]03:51
11Arrow [from the "Actual Size"]03:43
12As Far As I Can See [from the "What If...."]03:54
13Big Love [from the "Mr. Big"]04:49
14Blame It on My Youth [from the "Mr. Big"]04:14
15CDFF-Lucky This Time [from the "Lean Into It"]04:14
16Cheap Little Thrill [from the "Actual Size"]03:11
17Colorado Bulldog [from the "Bump Ahead"]04:13
18Crawl Over Me [from the "Actual Size"]05:08
19Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) [from the "Lean Into It"]03:55
20Dancin' Right Into The Flame [from the "Hey Man"]03:03
21Dancin' with My Devils [from the "Get Over It"]03:43
22Deep Dark Secret (Japan Bonus Track) [from the "Actual Size"]04:36
23Electrified [from the "Get Over It"]04:12
24Fool Us Today [from the "Hey Man"]04:22
25Goin' Where the Wind Blows [from the "Hey Man"]04:19
26Green-Tinted Sixties Mind [from the "Lean Into It"]03:30
27Had Enough [from the "Mr. Big"]04:57
28Hiding Place [from the "Get Over It"]04:47
29Hole in the Sun [from the "Get Over It"]03:46
30How Can You Do What You Do [from the "Mr. Big"]03:58
31How Did I Give Myself Away [from the "Actual Size"]04:15
32How Does It Feel [from the "Get Over It"]04:14
33I Don't Want To Be Happy [from the "Actual Size"]04:50
34I Get The Feeling [from the "What If...."]04:34
35I Won't Get In My Way [from the "What If...."]04:39
36If That's What It Takes [from the "Hey Man"]04:48
37Jane Doe [from the "Hey Man"]03:35
38Just Take My Heart [from the "Lean Into It"]04:25
39Long Way Down [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:47
40Lost In America [from the "Actual Size"]04:52
41Love Makes You Strong (Bonus Track) [from the "Lean Into It"]03:30
42Mama D. [from the "Hey Man"]04:33
43Mary Goes 'Round [from the "Actual Size"]04:00
44Merciless [from the "Mr. Big"]03:57
45Mr. Big [from the "Bump Ahead"]04:25
46Mr. Gone [from the "Bump Ahead"]04:33
47Mr. Never in a Million Years [from the "Get Over It"]05:40
48My Kinda Woman [from the "Lean Into It"]04:12
49My New Religion [from the "Get Over It"]03:21
50Never Say Never [from the "Lean Into It"]03:49
51Nobody Takes The Blame [from the "What If...."]04:19
52Nothing But Love [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:45
53Nothing Like It In the World [from the "Actual Size"]05:01
54Once Upon A Time [from the "What If...."]04:02
55One World Away [from the "Actual Size"]04:05
56Out Of The Underground [from the "Hey Man"]04:05
57Price You Gotta Pay [from the "Bump Ahead"]03:56
58Promise Her the Moon [from the "Bump Ahead"]04:06
59Road to Ruin [from the "Lean Into It"]03:59
60Rock & Roll Over [from the "Mr. Big"]03:50

Mr. Big

Mr. Big

Mr. Big is an American hard rock group, formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1988. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Soft rock,
  • Glam metal
  • Just Take My Heart by Mr. Big

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